Jeff, family member of client- 2/27/13

“Things seem to be working out really great with our caregiver. My mother looks very forward to her visits. Her attitude is probably the best it's been for quite a while, thanks to her caregiver. Also, she was never a stay at home person..... :) Thanks for all your help and the fantastic service your offering. It is appreciated very, very much by both me and my mother.....”

Cindi, family member of client- 3/23/13

“Thanks again for all of your help and support. I couldn’t be doing this without you/your team. My only regret is that I didn’t contact you sooner – we may be in a bit of a better situation.”

Josie, client, 4/10/13

“Senior helpers have allowed me to stay at home and still be able to go and do things without putting extra burden on my family. They take me to the grocery store, library & the mall. They make breakfast/lunch. I walk with a cane & we are also walking 15-30 min a day when she is here and working on my balance. They help me with light cleaning like cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the rugs, watering the plants, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom and help with the laundry. I have enjoyed spending time with my caregiver, we have become good friends. With their help I can stay in my own apartment.”

J.B., Family member of client 5/25/13

“Senior Helpers did an excellent job pairing us with their staff. The staff was compassionate, competent and very capable. They paid attention to detail and went out of their way to make the whole experience a really good one. There was not one day I worried about my Aunt with Senior Helpers at her house. There were really good, kind and hard working caregivers!”

Joanne, Facility director- 7/18/13

“Thank you so much for your report on {Client}. When your caregiver was with her, it made a significant difference. Thank you so much for all your help. “

Audrey- family member of client- 9/6/13

“We are so blessed to have you help us with this transition of care for my parents. They enjoyed meeting you although poor Dad didn't have a clue why you were there (but you laughed at his humor and that's enough for him to like you). I know Mom is relieved to have help and take some of the responsibility from me and Tom. We will look forward to a long and happy relationship with Senior Helpers!”

A.F.- Client -10/12/13

“I have a comfort knowing my caregiver is coming and can support me in my home. It’s heck of a lot cheaper than a nursing home.”

Emma, client/wife of client- 12/10/13

“Please convey our sincere gratitude to all the wonderful Senior Helpers. Everyone was just great and we will be recommending your services to everyone.”

Jessie- family member of client- 1/9/14

“I have been more than pleased with the care givers you have provided for my Aunt. I have no complaints, and would recommend your services to anyone in need of senior care. It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff.”

Carol – family member of client-3/26/14

“My folks have been so happy with all of the ladies you have sent, and each of them have helped in such a big way with the sorting and packing. I know Mom and Dad couldn't do it without them. Thanks for all you and the company do for us!”

Katie, client, 5/1/14

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the services that I have been receiving from Senior Helpers. I enjoy my regular helper, but when I needed extra services when she was not available I was never disappointed with anyone you sent to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Senior Helpers to anyone.”

Jane- Family member of client- 7/4/14

“I am very pleased with the quality of everyone I have met through your company. I like and am confident in each person that has come to Dad’s house.” “Thank you for all your help - you have been the only point of clarity or confidence I have had in this journey! “

Joan- Daughter of client 9/29/14

“Having your help has already given me such peace of mind. I wish that we had connected sooner.”

Salinda, client/wife of client- 12/16/14

“Thank you so much for all your help you provided for my husband and me. We appreciate it very much. If we are ever in need of your services again we will be in touch. We wish you well and much success. God Bless you.”

Bob- Son of family member-1/6/15

“There are nothing short of high kudos for all the staff you have provided. Mom likes her caregiver. You all are awesome, Thanks”

Christine- granddaughter of client- 2/9/15

“Things are going great. The caregiver is very good with Grandpa; she is respectful and patient with him. He is now doing physical therapy two days a week, and hopefully will be getting stronger. I think the idea of getting him up and moving more is great! Senior Helpers has been very beneficial for my Grandfather. Their caregivers are friendly, respectful, and professional. I have really appreciated the care that they have provided for him. I would highly recommend their services”

Cindy- daughter in law of client 3/1/15

“Mom LOVES her caregiver. It has been a big relief for my husband and I. Mom is feeling much better; I think she is in a better frame of mind because of your help. So, thanks to Senior Helpers and your organization. It has been a wonderful thing in all of our lives.”


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