Trueman T.

The caregiver that we have from Senior Helpers is wonderful. She is sincere, kind, and has a big heart. My husband will sit on the porch and wait for her to show up because he's so excited to see her.

Charles A.

All of the caretakes from Senior Helpers have been very outgoing, proactive, and friendly. It seems like they will do anything to help.

Barbara M.

Senior Helpers is a life saver, because I am up against a wall being with Richard 24/7.

Johnny V.

Senior Helpers pairs us pretty well. I ask them questions before they start working. They are trustworthy and prompt.

Vincent J.

My caregiver is kind and gentle. May all other care services take a lesson and be like Senior Helpers.

Jimmy W.

My daily life was a struggle until I started with Senior Helpers.

James M.

I have used other home care agencies before and none compare to Senior Helpers. They have a responsive office staff and caregivers that are very compassionate.

Elaine K.

With these services, I have a better piece of mind and don't have to worry about falling.

Frank W.

I encourage people to go to Senior Helpers because I know how difficult that first step can be.

Eura B.

My caregivers watch my every move and look at me with compassion, care, love, understand and they don't look like they are just doing this because it is their job.

Mike C.

The services are something for the client to look forward to. I appreciate that it helps out during the week. My mother appreciates the special care she gets from the caregiver.

Barbara H.

Senior Helpers listened to our description of what our needs are. They understood ahead of time what the needs were before sending someone out.

Fran M.

All my caregivers are dolls. They are all sweet, kind and loving.

Corina P.

She is very happy with the worker. She says the worker has brought life to her and she is very thankful and so happy.

Paul B.

My husband didn't mind the caregivers and the services because they were very good. He smiled a lot and the caregivers knew how to take care of him. I did not have to stand over them and tell them what to do.

Robert B.

I've been impressed with Senior Helpers and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of attentive care. Senior Helpers gives me a chance to run errands. I feel comfortable knowing there is someone taking care of Shirleen while I am away.

Ken W.

My father has certain caregivers that he really likes and Senior Helpers has gone beyond to make sure those people are available when we need them.

Catherine J.

I would tell others I have been extremely happy with the care that Senior Helpers provides for my husband and the compassion of the caregiver is off the charts.

Marti H.

Now I can actually work and I can be with my family part of the time. I am just a phone call away because all the caregivers have my number as well as the office. They have given me peace of mind.

Elaine K.

The overall care is fantastic. My caregiver is willing to do anything and she always asks me for something else to do.

Ana M.

The office was able to find a caregiver that same day, and they were able to accommodate us. They had a prompt service.

Justine P.

Senior Helpers provides quality care with excellent communication. They respond quickly to needs.

Ray B.

The caregivers show good work ethic by cleaning, and taking care of the needs of my father-in-law, and they are on time.

George M.

Senior Helpers helps me by doing things I am unable to do. Most of the time they do things that I do not even think of.

Mary S.

My caregiver was sent to me at a very delicate time. She lifted me up and helped me recover.

Doris S.

The office staff at Senior Helpers is kind and considerate. They are willing to repeat things to me. They make me feel comfortable.

Clarence H.

Senior Helpers does a good job helping me get the caregivers that we love.

Patricia K.

You were always there, days, nights, and weekends. Whenever Dad needed a companion, you guys always came through. Dad, being "the man" always got along better with the males you sent. But, then he met Clara who became his lifeline. She became so important to him (and his memory was so bad that he could never remember her name) that he started referring to her as "my other wife". You and your companions provided dad with his need to set outside as often as he could. You watched over him at Clare Bridge and in the hospital when I didn't want him to be alone and I couldn't be there. You provided peace and security to him and comfort to us. Thank You!

James M.

I recommend this agency for home care because they do good work and go above and beyond what I have expected of them.

Audrey E.

I would recommend Senior Helpers very likely.

Bruce H.

I'd recommend Senior Helpers to anyone! I would tell people that Senior Helpers is outstanding, they come on time, they are in uniform, they help with anything, and our caregiver is a good worker.

Mary G.

The staff from Senior Helpers is well trained, they are dependable, and the schedules are flexible.

Rodney R.

Senior Helpers are very compassionate and they do all they can do for you!

Sonia T.

My mom likes to paint her nails, and the caregiver is there for her. She motivates my mom. She tells her that she can do it. I love her.

Edward D.

My service is really good. I don't have to worry about if or how things are going to get done. With the other home care services, I never knew what was going to happen. Senior Helpers is an awesome company with whom I have never been displeased.

Willie C.

Without reservations, I can say that they have wonderful services. They do what they are able to do and what they know to do for their clients. I can ask them anything and they will do whatever they can to help.

Walter C.

They come to help my father whenever we ask for them to come.

Rodney R.

It makes me feel happy knowing that Senior Helpers gives us the best care!

Delores L.

I am confident in Senior Helpers because the other agencies I had were not as competent. They tried to be , but the problem was the people they had working for them.

Charles T.

The caregivers are good people. They are people you can trust.

Theresa K.

She is more like family than anything.

Walter C.

Senior Helpers has made my father happy. They do exactly what they say they will do.

Hugh B.

I like that my husband is able to stay home and the caregivers can help me as well.

Delores L.

I expected a lot from this agency's caregivers and they have produced.

Horace P.

I believe that Senior Helpers really cares and has the clients best interest at heart.

George C.

The caregivers interact well with dementia.

Evelyn H.

They respond immediately to any problems that we have had.

James M.

Everybody is willing to help and they have genuine concern over how we are doing.

John L.

I would recommend this agency to others because the office is great when I talk to them. They got someone for me right away and she was great.

Francis J.

I have recommended Senior Helpers in the past because they are reasonably priced and easy to work with.

Lovina T.

If a change needs to be made, my mother is asked first and then the office talks to me. They are very good about that.

Helen H.

I would recommend this agency to anyone because we had used this agency before and they were very helpful with anything we needed.

Herman L.

I would recommend this agency for home care to anyone I am very satisfied with everything.

Annette D.

I would recommend the service to anyone who needs care similar to what we are receiving.

Myrtle R.

It was easy to set up a schedule that we needed.

William A.

Everything has been the way they said it was going to be.

Gerald M.

This agency is great about helping me get the schedule that I want.

Margaret H.

Everyone I have talked to has been very cooperative. They do everything we ask.

Gerald M.

I have never had any problems with them and if I need to change something they will help me make that change.

Marian H.

They have been very accommodating with the schedule we needed.

Joseph C.

I would recommend this agency because the agency has shown me they have qualified caregivers.

Olga I.

I already have recommended them!

Irene D.

I would recommend this agency to others because of the caregivers and the office staff.

Richard O.

My life is pretty awesome right now with Senior Helpers

Ken W.

"I recommend Senior Helpers to others all the time. I tell people that there is not a better agency around."

Ray B.

"I would tell a friend that our caregiver from Senior Helpers is awesome and we couldn't ask for anyone better."

Arthur J.

"Senior Helpers is reliable and honest. They will work with me as much as possible."

Leon P.

"The service has been a blessing and Senior Helpers' staff is courteous and helpful."

Charles T.

"I would tell someone that Senior Helpers has been very, very good to my husband and myself. The caregivers from Senior Helpers are definitely special. If you don't use Senior Helpers, you are missing out."

Fran M.

"They do their job well. They listen and take an interest to make me feel happy."

Margaret H.

"I would recommend Senior Helpers because I receive excellent care."

Manuel V.

"Senior Helpers is a very trustworthy company. They will take care of the client. People are able to tell the office the specific needs that they have and Senior Helpers matches them well."

Manuel V.

"With Senior Helpers, we have caregivers who we ca trust and who we know can take care of my father while we are not here."

Marion J.

"The service has made my life better because I'm able to do more and get around more than I did before."

Vivian H.

"I would tell other that Senior Helpers takes care of their clients and is professional."

Jean T.

"Senior Helpers has a wonderful owner named Jorge. I am still using them after four years."


The caregivers are excellent. They are always on the move and are cleaning my home. They help with showers, as well.

Charles A.

Senior Helpers office staff is quick at answering the phone and they seem like they know who I am when I talk to them. Whenever there is an issue it is resolved quickly.

Charles A.

The caregivers seem like they are all very knowledgeable, especially when there are issues with dementia.

Walter C.

Senior Helpers has exceeded my expectations because my dad is very difficult.

Walter C.

They are God sent. My mom has Alzheimer's and lives in a home. I have to bounce back and forth from my mom and my dad. I wouldn't be able to care for my dad without the help from Senior Helpers. I couldn't do it myself. I appreciate the services more than you will ever know.

James U.

I've been impressed with my caregiver. She is always ready to jump in and do anything for me. She is very outgoing and outspoken. I find it easy to talk with her.

Bill and Ruth S.

Every time I have had a concern or a question, the office staff has immediately taken care of it. Every single thing has been taken care of right away.

Barbara O.

Senior Helpers office staff has impressed me because we have never had a gap in caregivers. There's no drama in dealing with them. They are professional and reliable.

Earnest R.

The caregivers are very caring, polite, they take their time, and they don't push my husband. They are here for the right amount of time and I feel that it isn't about the money to them.

Shirley T.

I love the caregiver I have. Senior Helpers got it right the first time.

Wilda B.

The caregiver is a very compassionate person. My mom has Alzheimer's and the caregiver knows how to be patient, kind and loving.

John A.

The professionalism and the care Senior Helpers provides has impressed me.