Senior Helpers has helped out a lot. There are times where I have to run errands and I am confident that I can leave with the caregiver here. I have heard a lot of things from people who have home care, and they have caregivers that don’t care. This caregiver is very concerned!

A Bernard Abbeville, LA

The stress that I have as a child worrying about a parent is hard. Senior Helpers has relieved a lot of stress for us because we know she is in good hands. My Mom says the caregiver is her best friend, not just a sitter, and she is compassionate, loving, and kind!

T Choate, Abbeville, LA

The office staff has impressed me because of their personalities. They are very attentive and respond when I call. My caregiver is very attentive to me and is on-hand all the time. Senior Helpers has prompt services. They respond when I request something.

R Johnson, New lberia, LA.

The caregivers go above and beyond, and they make it about my Mom. Senior Helpers are professional, both in their staff and caregivers, and they work well with your needs.

D Saloom, Lafayette, LA

The caregiver is able to do all the things I need her to do, she is kind and compassionate. I would recommend Senior Helpers and tell others this has been a positive experience since the beginning.

C Hays Crowley, LA

Everyone form Senior Helpers has been kind and gentle with me. They take care of my needs in a timely basis. The office staff is very nice and try hard to match our caregivers.

A Godchaux, Abbeville, LA

The office staff has been very accommodating when we needed last minute services, they work very hard!

P. Meaux, Abbeville, LA

Senior Helpers caregivers are professional, clean, helpful, polite, and caring.

E Saddler, Lafayette, LA

I appreciate my caregiver, she is helpful, and has always been able to do everything I have needed !

R Mouton, Lafayette ,LA

The services from Senior Helpers have been consistent, reliable and trouble free. The caregivers have been professional and caring.

R. Maley, Lafayette ,LA

Senior Helpers gives me confidence because I know the caregivers can be trusted in taking care of my Mom or performing their duties. They know what to do.

A Nassar, Abbeville, LA

I wouldn’t have been able to help my husband if it wasn’t for Senior Helpers, and his caregiver has been like family. What impresses me the most about our caregiver is that she is willing to do anything that needs to be done without being told.

G. Hardy, Abbeville, LA.

Senior Helpers services have changed my life by allowing me time to do what I need to do.

I.Allen Lafayette,LA.

I would tell someone that Senior Helpers provides dependable and efficient services. I would also say that their caregivers do their work in a timely manner.

J. Laurent Lafayette, LA

The office staff is the best around,they always answer when I call. The caregivers are attentive to making sure that the care is what the client needs.

A.Stansbury AbbeviIle,LA.

Senior Helpers is a dependable,reliable company. The caregiver does all that Iask her to do,and cooks very well. She is also very attentive to my needs.

G. Linton Lafayette, LA.

The caregivers show that they are well trained because everything that she’s done I would not have done any differently.She is attentive to detail and how I want things done.

G. Cheramie Lafayette,LA.

The caregiver was very smart and was able to help me and my mother out a lot. The caregivers from Senior Helpers were very good for my mother.

S. Plaisannce Iota,LA.

My caregiver is a hard worker,and they way they respond to my requests show their work ethic. Their help has allowed me to stay home longer.

B. Hawkins Jennings,LA.

The caregiver is very knowledgeable about many things. She has a lot of experience and she is almost as knowledgeable as a nurse. She is always helpful and has good manners.

R. Angers Lafayette,LA.

I want to express my gratitude to you and your wonderful staff for all of the care, help and support you have provided not only to my mom, but to our entire family. Mom and Dad were very happy with mom's helper, as well my sister and I.

B. Bergeron, Lafayette, LA

We love that you stay in contact with family members concerning all that is going on.

P. Bergeron, Lafayette, LA

It means a lot to me that every time I contact the office, you and your staff are very helpful, courteous and caring.

B. Leger, Eunice, LA

I am very well pleased with Lisa, my little helper, you cannot ask for better. I am very pleased with all the help I get from you all.

M. Suire, Abbeville, LA

The office and everyone there is always willing and eager to hear about what your problem is and try very much to help you. Thank You !!

W. Latiolais, Kaplan, LA

Every effort is made to provide Quality Service. No matter how difficult, they manage to always get someone to fill the slots. This means the world to my brother and I !!

G. Courville, Lafayette, LA

The availability of service with a minimum of notification on our part. When needed, you staff has always been ready to assist us. Your staff has been extremely courteous, helpful and has more than met our needs.

R. Trahan, Lafayette, LA

I have come to LOVE Laverne and Cathy, they are indeed precious Ladies. Thanks for sending them my way !!

M. Conage, Lafayette, LA