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Serving Overland Park and surrounding areas.
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Serving Overland Park and surrounding areas.
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Employee Testimonials

As a purpose-driven and values-based organization, our employees’ experience is a top priority for us. Hear directly from some of our caregivers and staff about what makes Senior Helpers Overland Park a great place to work!

  • I love the positivity and the compassion that the company provides to all caregivers and clients. – Teresa
  • Nice staff to work for, and they do their best to give you the days off that you request. – Sherrel
  • Communication is great and assignments are clear. – Paula
  • Good honest people trying to make the world a better place. – Ainsley
  • Great opportunity to keep working in the field. Staff and management are always keeping in touch, and doing whatever it takes to support their caregivers. The new online training and opportunities to advance within the company are a big plus. – Vincent
  • They are family oriented and understand your situation. Good working environment that doesn’t put you in harm's way. – Kisha
  • Being a part of the Senior Helpers team is the best decision I have ever made. They have been good to me and always there you need a helping hand. To any of my friends and family, I would recommend Senior Helpers as a very good employer. – Ileshia
  • Caring honest people and down to earth. – Michele
  • It is a friendly and nice place to work. They are flexible and very understanding. – Collins
  • I like the fact that Senior Helpers is an employee friendly company to work for! While we are here to meet the clients needs and requests to the best of our ability, the employees are a valuable and cooperative component as well. – Glenis
  • Senior Helpers has always been home for me. They trust me to do my best with meeting a client’s needs. – LeBrittany
  • I like the organization that the owner and staff live up to. They are very professional, and I like the way they run a tight ship. The clients are interviewed well so that we as caregivers know what we must do to help the client in their home. – Marianne
  • I like that they communicate openly and are quick to jump in to help. – Maria
  • The owners are amazing and always will work right along with you. They don’t expect something from you that they wouldn’t do themselves. Wonderful company. – Dawn
  • It’s a great company with employers who care about their employees and staff. They also pay well. – Kimberly
  • They have been extremely supportive in my work life as well as my personal life. Would recommend them to people in my field. – Paul
  • They are very flexible and can give you as many hours as you want or need. They are understanding and realize life happens and people also have lives outside of work. They care about their employees and their clients. – Lindsay
  • Senior Helpers is very good at working with my personal schedule. They are excellent at matching the clients needs with my personality. – Lynder
  • I love how family oriented the company is. My employers are very interested in their employees and clients. They are invested in us. It makes for a great place to work. – Cheyanne
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