Senior Helpers does a great job at finding the right caregiver for the client's needs which gives the family a peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.
- Annetta S.

I tell others that Senior Helpers is what we will always use. They are reliable, professional and reasonably priced.
Margaret F – Jan 2015

I can’t even begin to tell you the impact Senior Helpers has had on my life. My caregiver even does my shopping for me. My life is livable again because of what the caregiver does for me.
Joann T – Jan 2015

I had some fantastic clients who have so much to teach if you just listen.
Elberta one day, just became completely lucid one day and asked some very deep spiritual questions for an hour and then just returned to being forgetful – gave me goose bumps at the time but I knew there was a space inside if her that allowed her to do so.
Today I asked Editha if there was one piece of advice she would give, what would it be? She spoke of her grandfather and how he asked what was needed of others in order to help people, but everyday started in the church. She said we live in a world where we need to travel and be a part of the world, helping others, remembering the children and to not forget how we traveled.
Rae’s house has seen a lot of pain but she does her best to be positive even with strangers on the phone. Peace in her home is prominent.
Jack, was a walking trip thru old Hollywood which is family was part of when he was a child. He had good days and bad but was not a complainer. Loved to laugh and question.
You can learn a lot about life in this job, if you just listen.
Thank you for the opportunity to experience this.
- Linda

Thank you for the peace and joy you bring to our residents and their families.
- McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff, Dec 2014

We absolutely love our caregiver Linda M., she is very thorough and does an amazing job.
- Robert D

Thank you for sending dear Linda N. She is so special, efficient and a joy!
- Kathy R

Kodie D. truly goes the extra mile for her clients. She has a heart of compassion for her job.
-Felisha C

I can't sleep until I let you know how blown away I am by the professionalism, and care shown by your company already towards myself and my mom. First, your calls during your time off, followed by lovely Vanessa who made an instant connection with mom. This morning, I find mom beaming as she was walking down the hallway with Laurie and, finally, I belatedly checked my voice mails on my drive home to find a message from Pam describing the plan and all that she had found thus far. During this new chapter with mom, it is beyond comforting to know that people are there for you when you need them.

Jenny, Massachusetts

My mother is being moving onto the Memory Care Unit the beginning of next week. We appreciate the assistance Senior Helpers has provided this past month. Again, thank you for your help in keeping our Mom safe.

Charlene P, Massachusett