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Serving Bloomington and surrounding areas.
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Serving Bloomington and surrounding areas.
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Transitional Care

After a hospital visit for surgery or other medical procedure, recovery isn’t always complete upon discharge. When your loved one arrives home, they must readjust to daily routines, and that can be difficult and stressful. Oftentimes this adjustment can increase the risk of readmission, which is avoidable with the right transitional care. Staying Home Safe™ is a transitional home care service from Senior Helpers of Bloomington that can make the move from hospital to home safer and easier. This unique approach to care management is available for our clients across Nashville, Bedford and surrounding communities. It’s built around assessing individual patient goals and assisting in creating a safe environment for recuperation.

It all starts with a plan

Senior Helpers can assess exactly what you or your loved one needs to fully recover, and then we build a personalized care plan around your condition and specific goals. Together, we work toward ongoing success in your recovery, delivering any assistance necessary.

With our Bloomington transitional home care services, we work closely with clients in Nashville, Bedford, and surrounding communities to design a care plan and keep you informed about your loved one’s progress. We have the insight and experience to identify small problems, preventing them from becoming big ones.

Strengthening Circles of Care

Our senior home care brings peace of mind for when you can’t be there personally. We can work with your loved one and those involved with their care, including doctors, nurses, and care managers toward an efficient and successful recovery.

Accessible Transportation

Recovering successfully requires follow-up appointments and regular doctors’ visits, but it’s not always easy to drive there—or even remember when your appointment is—when you’re recovering from a procedure. With our Bloomington transitional home care services, we can provide reminders and reliable transportation for seniors in Nashville, Bedford, and surrounding communities. Our caregivers can also take you to doctors’ appointments and even to the store or to visit a friend.

Medication Reminders and Prescription Pickup

Prescribed medications are important during recovery, but taking them improperly can slow recovery and even be dangerous. Our caregivers can ensure medications are taken properly and at the correct times, and can even pick them up at the pharmacy.

Nutrition Planning, Food Shopping and Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition is essential to recovering and maintaining good health, and when conditions such as diabetes or congestive heart failure are a factor, a special diet is required. We can prepare healthy meals that comply with post-discharge nutrition orders, making sure you or your loved one receives nutritious meals daily. Senior Helpers caregivers can provide the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that a safe and successful recovery continues at home with our Bloomington transitional care services from hospital to home, available across Nashville, Bedford, and surrounding areas.

Contact Senior Helpers today if you or your loved one is scheduled for discharge. We will help you design a care plan that’s right for your family.

Senior Helpers provides senior home, transitional, and hospital to home care in the communities of Bloomington, Nashville, Bedford, Mitchell, Seymour, Brownstown, Spencer, Linton, Paoli, and Worthington.