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Serving Lincolnwood and surrounding areas.
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Serving Lincolnwood and surrounding areas.
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We are proud to have had the opportunity to care for and support seniors and families in our community. Hear what they have to say about the services that we have provided:

“Here are positive traits of Miss lucky, my care caregiver: she is a good housekeeper, very trustworthy. Takes me grocery shopping and errands. Also very pleasant to be around. Would miss her if she left me. Thank you. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas”.
- Josephine M., Ravenswood, IL

“Suzette is an amazing caregiver! We have never had anyone care for Lois with as much dedication and love as Suzette. She is dependable (even comes in early on days she must take off to make sure Lois gets up and receives breakfast before a replacement can come whenever possible). She is attentive and loving towards Lois’s needs. She is knowledgeable and gives high quality care. We love her!”
- Family member of Lois L., Glenview, IL

“We are very grateful services that Senior Helpers has provided. My mother has been very happy with the care. We are especially happy with our current caregiver. She is always punctual, always tends to my mom’s needs and is sure my mom does things she is supposed to do for her wellbeing for example; her exercises. We could not be more pleased and thank everyone for their time and patience. Again thank you!”
- Daughter of Sylvia R., Northbrook, IL

“Being a client for more than three years now, Senior Helpers provide a great care for my needs. The care giver that is assigned to me is well trained and very professional. He treats me with respect and dignity”. Zenaida B., Evanston, IL

“My current care giver is a good hard worker who always has a positive attitude and energy to keep me going. She’s always on time and performs her duties. I would rate her 5/5. She’s been my helper since august 17, 2018”.
- Patricia L., Rogers park, IL

“My care giver, Mayola D., is a very positive of my recovery from serious illness/surgery. She is always on time, helpful, extremely honest, does her very best to do things the way I like them done. She is also exceptionally good at cleaning and keeping things in order. I am comfortable having her care giving 5 days a week”. - -- Robert B., Edgewater, IL

“Mayola D., has helped me for four hours every Thursday since late June, 2018. She has become my friend over the months and seems to like whatever she does with me. We’ve washed clothes downstairs, gone to several grocery stores and even to my doctor’s office”.
- David J., Ravenswood, IL

“Debra G. is kindhearted and loving in every way. She does everything for me. She does the laundry, goes shopping and takes me to my doctor’s appointments. She prepares my medication precisely and organizes it so I don’t make mistakes”.
Rogers Park, IL

“My care giver Rosemary is a wonderful lady. She is like a daughter to me. I just love her personally and she is so hard working. She knows what to do without telling her and I also feel comfortable around her and safe. I am so glad to have her as my caregiver. Thanks”. - Charlestta P., Glenwood, IL

Senior Helpers has very compassionate people who work there, who care a lot about people.  My mother suffers from Alzheimers and Senior Helpers was able to provide a companion who understood her illness.  We appreciate their hard work and dedication to helping Seniors. 
- T. Pearson - Jefferson Park, IL

I find Maria to be kind and caring.  She follows direction well.  Mother has stated that 'Maria' is not nice to her.  Having been in the Home Health Field myself I know, it can at times be difficult to please the elderly.  I hope to have Maria w/us for the duration.  I'm a good judge of people, so from the first interview with Mr. Turner I knew that I made the right choice.
- D. Hohenstein – Rogers Park, IL