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Serving Greater Chicagoland North and surrounding areas.
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Serving Greater Chicagoland North and surrounding areas.
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Be Aware of Age-Related Disorders and the Best Form of Prevention

Certain conditions or disorders can develop as we age that impact our quality of life. In time, this can affect our ability to live independently.

“There are numerous conditions that our worth monitoring and may require the help of a caregiver so a senior can live a more productive and active life,” said Director of Operations Mary O’Connor at the Senior Helpers Northbrook office.

Here are six of the most common health issues:

1. Osteoporosis - Bones become weak and brittle and are prone to fractures. This is a common health problem in elderly people. The end result is osteoporosis- one of the most common health problems in elderly people. Treatments can include medications which slow the breakdown of bone, increasing calcium and Vitamin D consumption, strengthening with weight-bearing exercise and taking measures to reduce falls, which result in fractures.

2. Hearing impairment - As we age, changes often occur in the middle and inner ear that diminish our hearing. Treatment for age-related hearing loss can include hearing aids, telephone amplifiers or cochlear implants.

3. Age-related urinary incontinence - This is typically a combination of the effect aging has on our muscles combined with the anatomic effects of another condition. They include urge incontinence, stress incontinence, overflow incontinence and functional incontinence. See a physician to determine which treatment would be best for you. Treatments could include pelvic floor muscle exercises or medication.

4. Age-related skin conditions - As the skin thins, there is a lack of moisture resulting in dryness, loss of immune ells in the skin decreasing wound healing and a los of elasticity. It is important to manage these problem with regular moisturizing and inspecting the skin for sores.

5. Age-related macular degeneration - This is the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 50. While it does not lead to complete blindness, it often results in a blurring of the center of our vision, which can affect daily activities such as reading and driving. Treatments must be supervised by your doctor including a combination of vitamin and mineral supplements.

6. Arthritis - The loss of cartilage between the bones causes joints to be stiff, have pain and decreased mobility. To help combat these issues reduce body weight, regular performing exercises that strengthen muscles that support our joints and doing low-impact activities.

Senior Helpers can help you with care for a few hours a day, all day or on a 24-hour basis. Senior Helpers can provide light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, help the person bathe, drive to medical appointments and just be a companion and listen to the client.

Senior Helpers in-Home Caregivers is the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Affiliate Office. For more information call: 847-564-7500, or contact us.