How to Help Parents Aging in Place
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Serving Greater Chicagoland North and surrounding areas.
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Serving Greater Chicagoland North and surrounding areas.
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Help Your Aging Parents Stay in their Home

As our parents age, they often need help if they want to stay at home. This can mean something as simple as help with basic housework or more extensive care for health issues such as dementia. They may need a home companion or live-in home care. Whatever your family's situation, Senior Helpers in the Greater Chicago area can help. Here are some other tips that can help when dealing with taking care of parents aging in place.

Checking In Often

The most basic step, and one of the most crucial ones, is checking on them. A daily phone call is one way of keeping check but can't replace an in-person visit. Listen to what they are saying for clues of how they are doing. One thing to keep in mind: seniors may not come right out and say I’m struggling or I need help. 

Enlist Help Early

The older your parents get, the more caregiving becomes a huge responsibility. Enlisting help before there is a crisis is a wise move. Professional in-home caregivers can help with simple things such as house cleaning. There is no need to attempt to take care of your own family and your parents on your own. Get the whole family involved in helping and for support. You can't always be available to drive your parents to appointments, prepare meals, or do laundry. Homecare services like Senior Helpers can step in even when family can't.

Help Your Parents Stay Active

One of the benefits of staying at home is being able to do the things you love. To do those things, seniors need to remain active. Your parent needs to be able to enjoy friends, have a day out, go to church, or stroll through the park. Hiring a companion can help with these things when they can no longer do them alone. Consider checking with the religious organization they attend to see about transportation needs. A friend or fellow club member may be able to get them back and forth to meetings. There are probably more resources than you think available to help.

Schedule an In-Home Assessment

An in-home consultation can help you decide what you need for your parents. Senior Helpers can provide information on finances, long-term care, tips for you as a caregiver, and resources to make your job easier. We provide in-depth programs and services that support parents aging in place, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia care, VA assistance, wellness watch, respite care, and surgery recovery care. We can provide day-to-day support or 24-hour care for your parents.

Trust Us to Care

Senior Helpers is dedicated to providing the consistent senior care your parents may need. Our staff is dedicated to treating your parents like we would treat our own family. Aging in place is a great option for many families. Seniors want to age in the familiarity of their own home. They want to remain independent and social. Senior Helpers can help them do all that and more. Contact us today for an assessment on your parent's needs.