I want to thank you guys for all your support throughout my mom’s last year. Senior Helpers were a great source of security for me and my family. We could not have done it without you ladies. Thanks again for being there for us, it was truly appreciated and caregivers, Shelly and Cynthia, were GREAT!!

Bobbi, Thank you for the wonderful care that your company provided to my

Cathy, their caregiver, was absolutely wonderful! She arrived on time and
performed every task at

Hand with kindness and patience in a cheerful manner.

Please do not hesitate to use my name as a reference if it is ever needed. I
will never be able to thank you for the

Wonderful care administered to my parents at a crucial time in their lives.

They are now living with my husband and I in our home in New Jersey. We are
all adjusting well.


Donna K.

Dear Bobbi,

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we are enjoying the
interaction that we have had with Senior Helpers since we first required
your assistance. Your staff is fantastic! When we started this adventure,
my mom was totally convinced that she didn't need help and this was a big
waste of money, but, Sandy was an absolute blessing. She has turned my mom
into a believer and the two have become good friends. Sandy is very kind
and committed to my mome and to doing anything necessary to see that she is
safe and well taken care of. For the three months that I am out of town, I
go with the knowledge that mom is in good hands and is a happy person!.

I also appreciate the flexibility of your agency as shown over the last six
months with mom's three hospital and nursing rehab stays. You have been
kind and concerned and whenever our schedule changes, your folks have been
available to assist mom. Thanks so much for all you do. Your agency
certainly understands the concept of "doing the job right".

Blessing to you and your staff,

Pat R.


I just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks" to you and all at Senior
Helpers. While my family and I struggled to find some solution to providing
the supportive care we felt was necessary, the performance by staff your
agency provided, has been beyond our expectations. Whether it was related
to assistance with hygiene, provision of transportation, assistance with
household tasks, etc - the outcomes have been terrific! While I'd like to
say that the caregivers I have met myself have been wonderful - and that
proves the point - a greater metric of your agency's performance and quality
of care and staff provided for my mother - is my mom herself. She has been
extremely pleased with the assistance and fond of the staff that have
provided it.

While she is extremely grateful - I can tell you - that my sisters and I are
just as grateful. It was important to us that we find the help we were
seeking, that it be of high quality, and that our mother feel the same, and
that has certainly been the case during the past six months! Thank you all
so much!


I want to thank you and let you know that I have been extremely pleased with
the quality of service you've provided for my mother over the past few
weeks. I needed a dependable and nurturing service and Senior Helpers did
not disappoint me, or my Mom. Her caregiver has been such a blessing - she
came bearing a big smile and hug for mom every day. I plan on using your
business again during mom's next visit with me. I will certainly recommend
your company to others and look forward to doing business with you again!


Cynthia N.


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the help
that Senior Helpers provided to my friend Audrey. I was especially pleased
with her caregiver, Debbie, and the care and compassion she provided.

Debbie entered into a difficult situation with Audrey and she found a way
not only to overcome Audrey's conviction that she did not need care, but to
also provide a friendship to Audrey.

Debbie worked with my husband and me to develop a strategy of care for
Audrey that was very successful. She got Audrey to get out of the house and
experience new things. Audrey came to enjoy the time she got to spend with

I think that your organization provides a much needed commodity and I'm
grateful we had you to turn to for help.


Mary R.


Thanks you very much for helping us through a difficult time. Your
caregiver, Stella, has been a good influence on us and has really helped Bob
get back to the point where he can now help himself. She has shown him and
me many ways to help him and has more than done her job well.

Stella is a breath of fresh air each morning that she comes into our home.
She has brightened up our home completely with her bright outlook on life.

Thank you so very much for bringing Stella into our lives and for the
wonderful service that your agency provides.


Bob and Betty C.


Thank you for the wonderful care you gave my dad. Senior Helpers was always
available whenever I called. This means more than you know when helping a
loved one long distance! Because of you and your agency, Dad is still
living in his home!

Elaine S.

My name is Bonnie Pepo, I am the Activity Director in our Connections Neighborhood at Providence Place in Dover.

We had Senior Helpers come to our facility and conduct a Virtual Dementia Tour. It was absolutely amazing. John and his staff was very professional and very efficient setting everything up. I had about 48 co-workers and family members participate in the tour. They all were amazed and surprised how this affected them. It was so realistic, and the tour really opens your eyes how it is to have this disease.

It has made all of us feel differently how we look at someone with Alzheimer’s. It truly put you into how they see, hear, feel, and how confused they must be. I’m so glad the we had the opportunity to have Senior Helpers come out and do this.

I am looking forward to having another one.

Bonnie Pepo
Activity Director
Providence Place, Dover