“From beginning to end, every Senior Helpers employee we dealt with was friendly, professional and helpful. The office staff was very patient with me, taking the time to answer my questions and address my specific care concerns. Senior Helpers went above and beyond to ensure my father was taken care of. I was astounded at the lengths your employees went in order to ensure that my father not only received the care he needed but to also ensure that he was comfortable and happy. We will never forget how the lives of everyone involved were made easier and more pleasant thanks to Senior Helpers”.
Julia M.

“I’d like to thank you and your team of employees for the excellent help you gave my mother and the additional support you gave to my family. The numerous resources, tips and general support Senior Helpers provided was so helpful. All the personnel, caregivers and office staff were caring, dedicated people with a good understanding of the problems facing us. We could not have asked for better help”.
Laura S.
“One week ago my husband was released from a rehab center; two days earlier than expected. The first place I called was Senior Helpers. When I told them of my dilemma they actually changed several of their scheduled meetings to meet with me. The next morning at 7:00 a.m. an administrative person and the caregiver were at my door. They explained everything and the caregiver and I met and talked about things I would like her to do to keep my husband safe. She was a total delight. It was wonderful for him and a great relief for me to go to working knowing that he was safe, happy and being taken care of. I highly recommend them”.
Colleen O.
“My mother is 89 years old and suffers from Dementia. I was moving her from a facility in West Bloomfield, to a facility in California, where she would reside near me. Senior Helpers provided me with Mary, to accompany my mother during the move. I was very emotional and a nervous wreck about the move and how it would affect my mother. The day of the move, Mary swooped right in and took care of my mother. Mary knew how to make my mother comfortable, showed empathy, and was thoroughly attentive and waited on my mother hand & foot, proactively anticipating my mother’s needs. She is personable, capable professional and an utter delight to be with. Mary provided top notch skills for this move and I am forever grateful for her assistance.”

Sherri Roman

“We just wanted to tak a moment and thank your entire team at Senior Helpers for helping to make our last weeks with out mother, Sophie, the very best it could be. From the very first phone conversation with your receptionist, and exceptional on-hand assistance and support in the weeks to follow, we were able to take care of our mom at home, and honor her in that respect. Please share with your office, and everyone else involved, how much our family appreciated their thoughtful and tender care of our mother.”

The Family of Sophie Lupovitch

“To Senior Helpers: your caring hands, hearts and words were so comforting to our father. We can’t thank you enough. May God continue to bless all of you for the work you do.”

The Russells