The following comments are direct quotes from local clients collected by an independent third-party company, Home Care Pulse, as a part of Senior Helpers’ ongoing commitment to ensuring client satisfaction:

Quality Commitment

They were recommended by the hospital. They’ve done a very good job. They’ve been here more than two years.
Zelda – Greensburg

They’re very good. They do things I don’t even ask them to do.
Margaret – Monroeville

They seem to care about me and the things they do. I have been happy with them and have recommended them.
Jean – Greensburg

I really appreciate the peace of mind that these services provide for me. I like knowing that someone is there with my father and taking good care of him when I am unable to.
Roy – Export

I feel the service has been excellent.
Sis – Irwin

I like Senior Helpers.
I personally think that they are the best company out there.
Carol – West Newton

I don’t have one complaint about the care being provided.
Linda – Greenburg

The overall quality of service that we receive is very good.I really appreciate all they do for us.
Connie & George – Greensburg

I would feel comfortable referring anyone to this agency. We have had a great experience and think they are wonderful to work with.I feel we have received more than we asked for.
Janet – Greensburg

They are caring and take good care of my father. I have recommended them many times.
Scott – Latrobe

Caring Office Staff

The agency seems to run very efficiently. They are caring.
Beverly – Herminie

The agency makes frequent phone calls and is very good at keeping us informed.
Roy – Export

The agency is always keeping in touch with us and very easy to get a hold of.I think they do a great job.
Janet – Greensburg

They were very good to us. They seemed concerned and caring.
Carol – West Newton

The communication from the agency is very good.
George – Greensburg

I appreciate the expertise of the staff.
Elizabeth – Ligonier

The agency calls and checks up on us every so often and is very accommodating to our needs.
Barbara – Scottdale

Caring Caregivers

The caregivers are great, and they represent the agency very well.
Evelyn – Greensburg

The caregiver is very compassionate and does a great job in helping me with whatever I need.
Connie – Greensburg

She is able to deal with my mother’s severe dementia and the many needs that come with it. She exceeds all expectations in every way. She anticipates problems before they become problems. She is very kind.
Mary Ann – Turtle Creek

The caregiver has built a great relationship with my mother. My mother seems to have taken her in like family.
Janet – Greensburg

The caregivers were always on time. It was nice to be able to rely on them.
George – Irwin

They are compassionate and kind and treat the patient with respect.
Elizabeth – Ligonier