I am very pleased with the service Senior Helpers provided my Mother on very short notice. All of the care givers were prompt and attentive to my Mother even during times of extreme mental issues that she was having. They also were very helpful getting her to eat and drink fluids. I couldn't be happier with the service provided and would recommend this service to anyone wanting a loved one watched 24/7.
-Paula M.

I live out of state, and needed help with my mother during recovery from her surgery. I called Senior Helpers and that was one of the best decisions we made.

My mother used Senior Helpers during her hospital stay and during recuperation at home. Senior Helpers made the process seamless and easy. I was given multiple phone calls and progress reports on her health. We received exactly what we wanted - help she could trust and that would assist her in multiple ways. Sharon, one of the owners, personally visited my mother in the hospital and rehabilitation facility. She went above and beyond in her assistance by going to her house and checking on her well-being even when their services were not being used. I highly recommend the company and would like to praise the owners, Laurie and Sharon, for their efforts and concerns they have for their clients. Our expectations were exceeded and we will not hesitate to call them for future needs. Her recovery is going better and faster because of Senior Helpers. Thank you.
-James M.

On behalf of our family, I would like to express our deep gratitude for your very responsible and compassionate help through the period of our Mother's illness. It is hard to ask for outside help in times like this, but we were so fortunate to have been referred to your company for guidance, support and professional care. My father changed from "I think I can handle this" to "When can they send someone else to stay with me?" within two hours after the SH first shift with him ended. And your quick response to his needs were truly remarkable. All your staff and personnel who came to care for my mother were extremely courteous, kind, and helpful. We will certainly speak highly of Senior Helpers to our friends and family in times of need.


We are so happy that Senior Helpers came into our lives. Mother's caregiver navigates with incredible ease through tasks and daily activities that seemed insurmountable in the past and most importantly, my mother LOVES her. The office staff is professional, accessible and well-trained. The personal relationships that we have developed have proved deeply rewarding. They've taught me a lot about working with and caring for an elderly dementia patient. My mom is smiling more than ever and seems to be happier than she's been in years. In the past, I was always so worried about her--she lives in her own home and we really want her to stay there as long as possible - which seemed Impossible. With Senior Helpers, this has become not only Possible but the best decision we could have made on Mother's behalf. Her quality of life has improved dramatically since they entered the picture. I now wake up grateful every day knowing that I can call them with any concern and someone not only answers the phone, but helps find a solution through collaboration and skill. They have truly saved all of our lives. And to all the people on my mom's 'team' at Senior Helpers: Thank you for caring for my mother with wisdom, dignity and love. You are at the top of the list of things I am most grateful for this year. Truly life-changing for our family. THANK YOU doesn't seem quite enough but it's a start.

Our elderly friends had really begun to struggle - not being able to drive, multiple visits from the ambulance, etc. We were becoming more and more concerned. After an introduction through a friend, they started using the services of Senior Helpers, and the results have been extraordinarily positive. Our friends love their "helpers", and in fact, they are doing much better physically and mentally due to the frequent visits and encouragement. I'm very glad to know about this helpful resource. Senior Helpers is a HUGE relief to a family that is under this kind of stress.

It would be nearly impossible to overstate how grateful I am to have found Senior Helpers. I needed to find in-home care for my mom who lived in another state and whose advancing dementia was making it increasingly difficult to carry out every day activities. I worried about not being able to directly oversee the care I was about to arrange, but I did my research and interviewed two companies during one particular visit. Senior Helpers was the obvious choice from the start. Sharon and Laurie, the owners, both came to meet me and my mom in person. They took the time to explain what motivated them to start an in-home care business and asked lots of questions about my mom, her situation, and what we were looking for. They understood the particular challenges that dementia posed and they provided me and my family information so that we could understand better, too. They were warm, caring, professional, and full of joy. It was an immense relief to leave town having Sharon and Laurie on our side. Sharon came out to observe a typical day with Mom first hand. She used her time with Mom to develop a work plan and provide guidance to the caregiver they had picked out for her. This caregiver was an excellent match and did so much more than make sure Mom's basic needs were met. "P" styled Mom's hair and accessorized her outfits. The other ladies at church remarked on how put together Mom looked! Together they listened to music, danced, went for long walks around the neighborhood and to the mall, and planted flowers in the garden. "P" took Mom to the nail salon and doctors' appointments, read to Mom out loud, and prepared and arranged food so that it was easy to eat. She understood that just because Mom couldn't do these things on her own didn't mean she could not enjoy them. "P" brought joy and she brought compassion. When Mom's confusion caused her to become angry or frustrated, "P" did not take it personally, but instead made sure I was aware of any changes in mood and general wellbeing. When I needed more care, Senior Helpers immediately arranged more care. When I needed short-notice care overnight, Senior Helpers immediately responded and provided details about who, what, when, and where; even during the busy holidays. And they always followed up to see how things were going and to ask what more they could do to help. Billing was timely, accurate, and well-documented. They kept good records and worked with Mom's insurance to make sure claims were processed on time and in full. Ultimately, we made the difficult decision to move Mom closer to family and so had to say goodbye to Senior Helpers. I recommend them without reservation. You will not regret making them part of your family.

From the first inquiry to the present, Senior Helpers has been wonderful. Before, during, and after a complicated surgery of a dear elderly friend of mine, Laurie and Senior Helpers have maintained a high level of communication and care that has been nothing short of a god-send. They made visits to the hospital, were ready and available as my friend came home from the hospital, and have taken wonderful care of her since her surgery. While my elderly friend has mostly recovered, she's requested that Senior Helpers make visits a couple of times per week and help her with small tasks and traveling around town. What a relief to know that you can trust someone like Senior Helpers to genuinely care for an elderly person. My friend enjoys the companionship and is so grateful that Senior Helpers exists.
-Tamantha R.

Thank you to Senior Helpers for the care they provided to my mother. I am extremely grateful for the compassion and personalized care they provided to my mother especially in her final months and days. Knowing that they were there to help and to keep me informed provided me with much comfort. I recommend Senior Helpers to anyone in need of additional care, such as an elderly parent with ongoing and increasing needs or a loved one recovering from a medical procedure or other temporary situation. Senior Helpers matched the perfect personality caregiver with my mother. They assisted with daily routine tasks and chores that she could no longer do. They helped her maintain her dignity and independence in doing so and kept her in good company. If you are in need of additional support for a loved one I encourage you to call and speak with the exceptional leadership at Senior Helpers. They understand and will work to accommodate all of the needs you and your loved one may have.
-Cathy C.

I found out I needed home health care at the last minute. My sister called Senior Helpers for me, and that afternoon they had a helper at my house. Fortunately, helpers were only needed for a couple of weeks, and I really miss them! I was amazed at how responsive the helpers were: in addition to helping me directly with my needs, while I napped they sought out things to do at the house: laundry, washing dishes etc. The aspects of my illness which I thought might be embarrassing with a "stranger" were not awkward at all and I felt totally comfortable. My in-laws have complained about their care giver hovering and being intrusive. My Senior Helpers were the ideal balance -- at hand when I needed them, and unobtrusive when I didn't. They were all well groomed, professionally dressed, and obviously well trained to handle anything I might need.
-Sody C.

My mother is not sick, is mobile, and does not need regular nursing care. She's perfectly able to live independently - mostly. Senior Helpers provides a little help - checking on her, helping her run errands, and making sure she's OK. They've been warm, friendly and considerate - like they were taking care of their own relative. It brings great peace of mind knowing they can help when I can't.
-Cullen J.

Senior Helpers is a wonderful company to be apart of. As soon as I met Sharon, Laurie, and John and experienced their passion for caregiving and for this company, I knew that this was the place for me. The staff and caregivers truly care about their clients and we want to help them achieve their highest level of independence. Working for a company who goes above and beyond for their employees, clients, and client families is rewarding and inspiring. The level of communication and honesty within the company and with clients and client families makes it easy to accomplish tasks and other goals. The ability to have open communication helps everyone involved to feel comfortable and informed. Senior Helpers offers top notch care, compassion, honesty, understanding, and service.
-Marijean R.

Living out of state has been so hard since Mom needs more help, yet wants to maintain her independence and live in her own home. I am thankful everyday for Senior Helpers! They go way above and beyond to provide Mom the help she needs and are wonderful at keeping in touch with me, immediately alerting me to any issues. Their caregivers are wonderful, friendly, compassionate and kind! Despite the fact that Mom was against having anyone coming into her home to help her, she LOVES Senior Helpers and is happier and healthier than ever.
THANK YOU, Senior Helpers!
-Melissa H.

Words can not express how grateful I am for Sharon and Senior Helpers of North Oklahoma City. Knowing that the Sharon and the staff are willin and able to step in when my family and I can't is a comforting feeling. I don't have to worry about who is going to take care of my grandma when we can't. Thank you, Senior Helpers, you are a blessing.
-Kayla S.

I am so grateful for Senior Helpers of Greater North OKC. Sharon was very flexible in scheduling an appointment to meet with my grandma. It is comforting knowing that when we reach out, she will be there.
-K. M.



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