"Senior Helpers met with me to discuss our family’s needs right after I called.  They worked to find the best match for my mother and our family’s lifestyle.  Mary, mom’s Senior Helper, has been a blessing to us in so many ways.  Her help has been invaluable in caring for my mother.  It has allowed us to continue giving my mom the independence she desires and the peace of mind I need for her continued care."

"I’m very happy with the professionalism, reliability and caliber of caregivers you’ve been able to send to Ms. S., a most difficult and complicated situation.   I’ll not hesitate to call you for my clients, refer care receivers/families to you, and recommend you to other professionals."

"I am so appreciative of the professionalism of your organization and the exceptional quality of care that was provided to (my husband) by Debbie…. Truly my cup runneth over."

"Senior Helpers provides a wonderful service for people like me who need a little help caring for a loved one.  Thanks to their sitters, I can get away a few hours each week knowing that my husband is in good hands."

"You have sent us a gem!  D. is a perfect fit for my Mom.  Knowing that D. will be here while I am away gives me a great sense of relief.  She is caring and helpful in every way and a great companion for Mom.  Lynn (client service manager) has been wonderful also.  They are both so cheerful while a the same time being sensitive to our needs.  Thank you for providing such a valuable service for us.  I could not be more pleased."