Construction on the beach, this year is definitely kicking off with some new routines here in beachy Ft. Lauderdale. We can expect to see dump trucks of sand being unloaded on the beach from Pompano to Sunrise. This new sand project will go six days per week through May 1st or later.

Just as beaches need to be renewed because of natural erosion, our routines need to be rehabilitated to grow with our current needs. Think of yourself as a map, and Senior Helpers as the compass - we will guide you!

What new routine will you start this year? What will you do to jazz up your routine?

If you are not eating healthy or just want to get some extra nutrition try “drinking yourself healthy,” as suggested by Blender Girl. Your Senior Helpers caregiver can pick-up the ingredients, blend the shake for you, and even accompany you in drinking them on the porch or balcony enjoying your Ft. Lauderdale view!

It breaks my heart when clients ask me to introduce them to other clients because they have no friends. In this case Senior Helpers can get you to any of the many local events held year round.

Since we don’t have a minimum of hours we can do anything from just dressing you, getting you there, or coming over to turn you down for the night after the event!

The Segment II beach project took 20 years to get approved, and as long as the turtles can lay their eggs it doesn’t matter. Whether it takes Senior Helpers one hour or 24/7 to get you enjoying your routines again, or just jazzing them up we are up to it!

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