Living in sunny Ft. Lauderdale means cold weather safety does not entails much more than sunscreen and socks! Okay, maybe also not sitting to close to the TV when watching the blizzard storms in other states!

Well, maybe sometimes we need to pull out a sweater or two, and maybe turn on the central heat, which dubs from our central AC. Whatever you do keep that sunscreen handy because according to Karlene Chavez of 7 News WSVN it will be a warm winter!

Normally winter in Ft. Lauderdale includes walks on the sunny beach or a round of golf, but sometimes old man winter has it in for us.

Our seniors are the ones most impacted by this as this can bring isolation, and depression caused by lack of human contact. Fortunately, Senior Helpers can come by as often as needed to conduct wellness checks. We can pop in just to say hi, or stay around and provide companionship, personal care, and home/pet services.

Without having to worry about slipping on ice, carbon monoxide poisoning from heaters, or power outages from snow storms  we are much closer to staying safe during the winter months than other states, but it is still important to make sure you make arrangements with Senior Helpers to keep your loved ones, their pets, and primary caregivers from getting cabin fever, or going stir crazy.

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