While we wrap our gifts and check our lists this holiday season, are we checking twice on our elderly loved ones?

Whether you are a caregiver or just an acquaintance do you know if the seniors in your lives are eating a regular basis? A slimming waist will go unnoticed and attributed to old age.

Who would have thought here in Ft. Lauderdale Beach, where there are numerous luxurious retirement golfing communities, that seniors are starving? unfortuantely, that is the case. According to the SunSentinel, many seniors are struggling to put food on the table in South Florida.

We don’t have to be a designated caregiver to spread holiday cheer, fixing an unsolicited plate for an elderly neighbor can go so far. We don’t know if they will have tears streaming down their face, warming their cheeks when they take that first bite of a long awaited hot meal. 

If you don’t live within driving distance to your elderly parents, how can you be sure they aren’t telling you what you want to hear when you call? Making sure someone nearby - whether that be a friend, a neighbor, or a Senior Helpers caregiver - stops by to make sure all is well can ensure your loved one is doing well and eating regularly.

This blog was inspired by “The Hidden Hungry,” to learn more please read the full article here.

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