As I sit back with my 90 year old Abuelita (grandmother), and watch her down pizza and beer, sporting her new hot pink fuscia lipstick I bought her I wonder if I will make it to 90, let alone through next year.

How many new years has Abuela (grandma) had? I’ve never known her in all my life to drink or eat pizza. However, in these last few years a lot has changed with her, She’s become bolder, and being as wise as she is, has truly begun to do what makes her happy, put herself first, regardless of what others think or how they feel.

To those of you who have made it, reached your golden years, it’s your era to shine and live to make yourself happy. After all those years of hard work, rearing children, and putting responsibility ahead of your own needs and desires, what other time than the present to live selfishly? What will you do differently not only in this “New Year,” but in this next year of your life? Most of us have resolutions, but living in your golden years you have gold, it’s time to melt it down into your own creation, otherwise it’ll remain just a block of gold.

How many of us wouldn’t give anything to have the time and wisdom you do in your golden years? Many of us would take that time and enjoy it with our feet in the sand on any given December day here on a Ft. Lauderdale beach as the weather still permits this time of year.

Many people don’t make it to their golden years. Are you living to make your new year happier, or are you being molded to fit the mold of the golden age senior your caregiver needs you to be?

Caregivers do you not allow Abuelita (grandma) to have an occasional pizza and bear because you are afraid for their health, or you need them to fit your idea of how a senior ought to be living?

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