How to Set Aside Extra Time During the Holidays for Long Phone Calls
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Serving Flagler, Volusia, St Johns counties and surrounding areas.
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How to Set Aside Extra Time During the Holidays for Long Phone Calls

Holidays can be magical, festive, fun, and challenging especially when planning for long phone calls, for those with senior relatives whom they need to communicate with. While the holiday season is supposed to be bright and merry, many senior citizens may feel isolated and sad if they don't receive calls from their relatives. It is always important to keep in touch with seniors during the big days and holidays.

However, adults who have senior relatives should not let long phone calls ruin their holiday plans. Here is a guide on preparing for a stress-free holiday by managing the long phone call time while keeping the senior loved ones engaged.

1. Schedule Calls and Stick to It

It is easier for adults who have senior relatives to say they will call their loved ones later while on vacation. However, calling back senior parents can easily slip from their adult children's minds. Adults with senior relatives should check their schedule, find a specific time when they are available, and schedule a call.

One way to find extra time during the holidays for calls is when commuting. If an individual uses public transport to travel during holidays, they can use that spare time to call their loved ones before reaching their destinations.

2. Plan How to End the Call at a Reasonable Time Without Sounding Offensive

Long phone calls are common when communicating with seniors, but individuals should know when and how to end the calls without sounding offensive.

Before ending a call, one should let their loved one know that they are leaving. If the senior has dementia, the caller should inform them when they are ending the call. Say the final words and goodbye and tell them when to expect a call again. It is a good way of signaling the end of the conversation to the senior.

3. Recorded Video Messages

Sending recorded video messages to your loved ones is another way to supplement long phone calls during the holiday. Many seniors desire to see their loved ones anytime, and they can achieve that by receiving video messages. Some applications can make recording and video editing easy, which an individual on holiday can use to make videos and send them to their senior citizens anytime.

4. Consider Assist From Professional Caregiver

Seniors engage in long phone calls because they want to have listening ears. A Senior Helper acts as a helpful watch eye for seniors during the holiday season. Having your loved one under the care of a reputable organization is essential because they enjoy the holidays with minimal long phone calls.


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