Senior Helpers® is helping senior veterans all over the U.S. understand how they can qualify and apply for the VA’s Aid & Attendance Benefit, which pays seniors for the in-home senior care they need to live comfortably and safely. Veterans, spouses of veterans, and surviving spouses of veterans who are homebound or require the aid and attendance of another person can qualify for this payment if they meet certain criteria. Call Senior Helpers at 877-844-9822 to learn more.

Millions of Veterans Qualify

Right now millions of veterans qualify for this benefit, but they do not know it. Veterans who served a minimum of 90 days of active duty, including one day of active duty during a period of war such as World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War, all may qualify for this benefit.

What Is The VA’s Aid & Attendance Benefit?

Veterans are being given one more honor for their acts of service in defending freedom in the United States and around the world. Veterans, their spouses, and surviving spouses of veterans may be eligible for the Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit, which is a non-service connected pension benefit that awards Veterans for in-home care they now need to fully enjoy their retirement.

What Services Can The Benefit Pay For?

In-home senior care services for Veterans that are awarded include Activities of Daily Livings, or ADLs, which include activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, taking medications correctly, and other services. In-home senior care helps Veterans, their spouses or surviving spouses of Veterans get around and enjoy their senior years safely and healthfully while remaining at home.

Additionally, in-home senior care services that help Veterans, their spouses, or surviving spouses of Veterans who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are also included. For these individuals, the right care and comfort within their own homes may be awarded by the VA’s Aid and Attendance Pension benefit.

Who Should I Call For More Information?

Senior Helpers is nationally known for world class in-home senior care for everything from light housekeeping and errands to full Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Senior Helpers will guide you through the process of understanding if you may qualify for the benefit and then will put you in touch with an accredited veteran agent who can assist you with applying for the benefit with a fully developed claim. A fully developed claim is processed more quickly and is more likely to be approved. Some claims are approved in as little as 30 to 60 days.*

Call Senior Helpers today and their local care professionals will offer you education and information about the application process. You have served your country and earned this benefit. The time has come for us to take care of you.


*Average application processing time is 5-9 months. Processing and approval time required in any given instance may be more or less than this.

 Senior Helpers Veterans Aid & Attendance

Disclaimer: The purpose of this is to educate you about Veterans Administration (“VA”) home health care benefits that you may qualify for. Our office can educate you about the benefits available and put you in contact with an accredited agent to assist in completing and submitting the benefits application to the VA.  Please contact Senior Helpers to help you make an initial determination regarding your potential qualification for the Aid and Attendance Benefit through the VA. Our desire is to help you receive the VA benefits that you deserve and have earned for your service to our country. We are NOT the VA, nor are we in any way affiliated with the VA. If you wish to contact the VA, you can do so by calling 800-827-1000 or visiting them at NONE OF OUR SERVICES ARE INTENDED AS LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE. IF YOU ARE SEEKING LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR LEGAL/FINANCIAL ADVISOR.

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