Conversation Starters and in home senior care

Conversation starters and in home senior care for Family holiday events from Senior Helpers of Evansville can help to bridge the gap between family and an elderly loved one.  A compassionate caregiver can be there for your loved one on an hourly, daily or live in basis.  In some cases, family lives too far from their loved one and can benefit greatly from the peace of mind that in home senior care can bring.  Senior Helpers of Evansville, 812-423-0999, provides dependable in home senior care to all areas of Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville, Mount Vernon, Princeton, Indiana.

Can we be honest for a minute?  Some parts of the holidays are wonderful.  But we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that other parts can be a little stressful.  If you love planning and organizing, the logistics of pulling off a family get together can be exhilarating.  If you don’t, however, your stress level may be firing on all cylinders!  In the same way, being surrounded by loved ones can provide comfort, peace and festive holiday energy, but can also bring with it the challenge of looking out for the aging members of your family.  The holidays change when you factor in caring for an elderly relative, but often a helpful conversation can help you ease into the new situation.  Here are a few tips you can provide your family in preparation for the holidays this year:

If you find that your loved one talks about childhood or their college years, ask them questions to learn more.  They may be fixated on that time period and you both can benefit from allowing that conversation to play out.  You may want to ask them how much things cost when they were younger, if they have ever met someone famous, what was the first movie they ever saw, their first job or favorite book.  It can be very helpful to focus on their story.  The caregivers from Senior Helpers of Evansville are experts in senior care and if needed, you can depend on their experience to guide the way through a conversation with an elderly loved one you may want to try to get to know better.

Sometimes, a way to initiate a conversation with an elderly loved one is to play family trivia.  Get them to fill in the blanks about where you are originally from, and how you were named, and learn about other members of the family.  It may be easier to get your loved one to engage in a conversation with period memories.  If you try to relive fond events of the past, they may be likely to participate in the conversation and offer up favorite experiences from their past.  You might be surprised and impressed at the lives your loved ones may have lived. 

Depending on the elderly loved one, they may not respond to your questions as quickly as you may think.  Some people relive the memory before actually responding.  Try to be patient when talking to your aging relative as they may have difficulty getting a response out.  In some cases, an elderly loved one may be so quick with their reply; you may have trouble even finishing your question.  Try to tailor your conversation style to match the ability and cognitive level of your elderly loved one.

If your elderly loved one is coping with a dementia related disease such as Alzheimer’s, it can be especially difficult to have a conversation.  Persons suffering from dementia will experience their mental faculties becoming extremely limited.  If you find that you are struggling with coming up with ways to engage a loved one who is coping with dementia in conversation, you can count on Senior Helpers of Evansville, 812-423-0999 to provide expert in home dementia care.  The compassionate and highly trained caregivers will assist you with all aspects of in home dementia care and will help bridge the gap between you and your loved one where needed.  Sometimes just having a go between in conversation is helpful to reduce stress and help everyone be heard. 

The winter holidays are quickly approaching.  While most families find gathering together to come easily, it may be difficult for an elderly loved one to participate in conversation.  Hopefully these tips will help you and your family to successfully converse with your elderly loved one as you learn to care for them.  Senior Helpers of Evansville, 812-423-0999, provides in home senior care on a short or long term basis.  All services are flexible to meet your family and your loved one’s needs and are non contractual.  This year, give your family the gift of peace of mind that your elderly loved one is cared for in the place they feel most comfortable; their own home.

Senior Helpers of Evansville, proudly serves all areas of Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville, Mount Vernon, Princeton, Indiana.


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