Happy Veterans Day to all who have served in the past or are currently serving. Today, we honor you. Veterans Day is an official United States holiday that honors U.S. veterans and casualties of all wars. To help give you a better understanding of this special day, we put together a few Veterans Day facts.

Armistice Day – Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day and celebrated veterans and victims of World War I. It was changed in 1954.
October 4th – In 1971, Veterans Day was changed to October 4th in accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. It was changed back to November 11th in 1978.
Celebration – Arlington National Cemetery has a ceremony every year on Veterans Day honoring those who died during war.
24 Million – There are roughly 24 million living veterans today! How many do you know personally?

Locally our veterans in Harnett County, NC may enjoy the Veterans Day Parade in Lillington which can be a fun event to honor those who have served.  Dunn is also home to the General William C. Lee Airborne Museum.   General Lee is known as the father of the Airborne.  In the 1980’s citizens of Dunn turned General Lee’s personal home into a place the public could visit to see restored artifacts and memorabilia, as well as take educational tours of the beautiful home. 

This Veterans Day we have also reached out to the veterans that we provide care for to learn more about their stories and what they have been through.  One veteran from Fayetteville, NC enlisted in 1944 for the Navy, however he was only seventeen at the time and had to have his mother sign for him to enlist.  After two years he then re-enlisted into the Airborne then went back to the Navy for a military career of 26 years.  He shared with us that he fractured his ankle in two places while jumping out of a plane in the Dominican Republic.  He received two bronze stars while in Vietnam and multiple other service awards.  One of his duties while is the service was to work as a cook for the primary infantry.  He states the bacon was one of best chows he had while there and he even prepared a meal for actor Jimmy Stewart, who was there visiting his son.  This veteran explained that one of the things that touched him while there was seeing the children in Vietnam, who were starving and had nothing.  He would make every effort to feed them when he saw them, even if it meant giving them his food.  When asked if he would do it all again, he replied “yes, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me”.  When another veteran was asked if he would do it all again, even though he was drafted, he states, “Absolutely!  It was my duty!”.  These were just a few things we learned about our veterans and thought we would share.  Just think what you could learn if you took the time to talk to a veteran you know.

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