Keeping a Cool Home and In Home Assisted Living

On these sweltering days of summer, your home may be the only cool shelter that you and your aging loved one can find.  What if your home isn’t beating the heat as efficiently as you would like?  Anything from a faulty air conditioning unit to a cracked window letting in the hot weather from outdoors can lead to excess heat in house.  Some of these items may be expensive to fix, and not every senior has it in their budget to afford major home repairs.  Fortunately, there are some cheaper alternatives to keeping cool in your home during these dog days of summer.

One important way to block the sun’s rays and also the heat of the day is to invest in some relatively inexpensive energy efficient shades.  These shades are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and to keep the heat out.  Local retailers should carry these and black out curtains in stock in their window furnishing aisles.  Keeping darkening curtains or shades on your windows in rooms that your aging loved one isn’t using very often is a great way to lower the temperature in the house with very little cost.  Sometimes just making sure to keep the blinds closed on windows that face the rising or setting sun during the peak sunny hours can make a major difference in energy costs to keeping the house cool.

Did you know that fans can decrease the temperature in a room by up to seventy percent?  If your aging loved one gets overheated, you can get a small and inexpensive fan to help circulate the cool air in the room.  Fans help to keep the temperature balanced.  Just make sure the fan is in a safe place!  If their home is equipped with ceiling fans, make sure they are on whenever your aging loved one is home to help lower the temperature at a lower cost rather than cranking up the air conditioner.

Whenever possible, remind your aging loved one to wear lighter colors.  Lighter color paint, curtains and blankets stay cooler than darker colors.  Put your senior’s darker blankets away for the summer to keep the room cooler!

If you are somewhat handy, it can be very beneficial to caulk doors and windows in your aging loved one’s home.  Air leakage is a serious problem and wastes as much as thirty percent of energy use.  A leak could cause both hot and cool air to move through the cracks in a building.  Doors and windows are the most significant areas of loss.  Running a bead of caulking around interior and exterior doors and windows will create a seal to minimize air flow, keeping cool air in and hot air out.  Adding a door sweep on less used rooms will also help to lock cool air into more used rooms.  Just be sure to close the air vent to the room that is not used much so you can push the cooler air in other rooms of the house.

All of these weatherizing improvements are low cost and can be completed in a weekend, but the savings and comfort will be appreciated for years. 

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