One might imagine the dangerous world lying outside the comfort of one’s own home, but for seniors over the age of 50, the most common danger lies between the four walls. AARP shared in their last issued newsletter on CPSC’s reported statistics on home product safety and ways to keep your home safer.

  • -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates more than 10 million Americans over the age of 50 sustain injuries associated with products such as appliances, ladders and electrical fixtures every year. The types of products that are causing these injuries aren’t very uncommon household objects either.
  • -- Older adults are more likely to sustain an injury associated with consumer products with those over the age of 65 being 1.5 times more likely to sustain the injuries.
  • -- Those 65 and older are hospitalized for consumer injuries at a rate of five times more often.
  • -- Of those hospitalized injuries, 3/4ths of them are fall related injuries.
  • -- One out of every three Americans 65 and older will sustain a fall this year (those 50+ account for nearly 80% of all fall related hospitalizations.)

Because of the high potential for an accident in the home, it is important to be aware of the more dangerous places in the home that may be more accident prone. Senior Helpers of Moraga and AARP want to share the products or places in the home that can cause the most common accidents to ensure you or your senior take the necessary steps to prevent these accidents:

  • -- Things you can fall down: stairs. Installing a secure rail will help provide support for and something to grab onto in the case of a trip or stumble. 
  • -- Things you can fall off of: beds, sofas, chairs, ladders, stools. Create easy access to most spaces in the home, providing a stepstool into the bed and keeping anything that would need to be accessed regularly within arm’s reach of your senior to minimize stool and ladder use.
  • -- Things you can trip or slip on: carpets, rugs, bathtubs, electrical cords. Rid the home of any rugs or carpets, or cords running across the floor that pose a threat to tripping. –
  • -- Things that can injure you as you fall: tables, desks, cabinets, shelves, fixtures. It is important to secure shelves and cabinets to the wall and decorate the home with plenty of space between furniture.
  • -- Fall prevention tip to improve balance: brush your teeth while standing on one foot for up to 60 seconds, then switch to the other foot.

 The home doesn’t need to be a scary place for your senior. Senior Helpers of Moraga works to help your senior maintain his or her independence in the home while ensuring their safety. To schedule a caregiver visit to your senior’s home in Concord, call (925)376-8000, or visit our website.

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