Caregiver Spotlight – Taha Hausia



The holidays may sometimes look a little different for seniors who need home-based care but with a little planning and creativity, it can be just as festive and enjoyable. Senior Helpers caregiver Taha Hausia spent Thanksgiving day with our Orinda client Peter who has dementia and other memory-related issues and does need caregiver assistance. Taha is a regular caregiver for Peter who enjoys the freedom and comfort that comes with staying at home. "He's lived here for over fifty years," said Taha. "He was concerned about how the yard looked, so I've been out there with him helping do what makes him happy as he knew his family was coming over for dinner. I know he wanted it to be ready for Thanksgiving." Taha cooked a portion of the Thanksgiving meal and enjoyed it with him and his daughter. "We watched a football game, had a nice meal and I enjoyed hearing them reminisce about the past. It was a nice evening."