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Your Star Rating should go to 10 because that is how highly I would rate the excellent service and support that I have received from Senior Helpers for my 88 year old mother!

They have provided my mother, who has very special needs, with outstanding, reliable, and loving Caregivers, who I can trust to do the best job for my mother.  All the Caregivers, (Tammy, Diana, Cheryl and Gladys) that have supported us in our home are professional, knowledgeable, know what they are doing and, most important, genuinely care for my mother.  When I come home from work she is in very good spirits and I can tell she really enjoyed her day with her Caregiver.  Her happiness is highest priority for me.

Cynthia, Manager at Senior Helpers, has also helped me when I am in crisis mode-- they are always available to help.  Their responsiveness is incredible!  This has allowed me to work with peace of mind, knowing my mother is cared for.  
Thank You, Senior Helpers, you are my A Team!

Frank, Moraga, CA


I would like to thank Senior Helpers for the incredible care that they offered my mom the past several years.  My mom's senior helper was Susan M. and she is truly an angel living here on earth!  She was so much more than just a senior helper.  She was a friend to my mom.  My mom always looked forward to the days that she would see Susan.  Susan would go out of her way to help out in any way that she could.  Susan's incredible help allowed my mom to remain living in her home by herself which was so important to my mom.  I can't thank Senior Helpers and Susan M. enough!  Our family really appreciates everything you did!

Greg, Martinez, CA


Our present Senior Helper Rita is terrific with my parents.  She's a fantastic cook, has great stories and is always willing to help including coming on holidays.  
The Senior Helper office is very responsive and does its very best to send a good match when there is a scheduling issue.  My parents' request including asking for help during a difficult time of day to meet their needs so kudos to Senior Helpers.

Mums, Orinda, CA


Kelly and I are so grateful for your devotion, care and love for our father.  You really enabled him to love life little longer and have such great companionship.  There is a void but he is no longer suffering.

Love, Trish & Keely


Thank you so much for your email.  As I said in my previous email, my family and I appreciate all that Twila and Senior Helpers have done for my Dad and our family.  As you remember, Dad was pretty adamant in the beginning that he didn’t need any assistance but Twila has been very kind and patient with him.

Again, thank you for your assistance.




My daughter's friend recommended Senior Helpers to us. We had already talked to 4 agencies but we were really impressed with Senior Helpers. We decided to go with them. I was coming from a hospital and I needed some help.

I'm very lucky. The lady I have is very helpful. She's not only a good helper but a good companion. I have no negative things to say about her. I like her attitude. She's very positive about anything. She's just a good help to me in every way.

Posted by Shirley34


Fred from Senior Helpers has been instrumental in my Grandfather's care. Words cannot express how appreciative I am for his help. He cared for my grandfather like he was his own father. Fred is professional, kind and treated my grandfather with dignity, even during his last days. He updated the family and kept me in the loop regarding his daily care. Fred always responded with kindness and sympathy, even on my grandpa's bad days. Fred was with me the morning I found out my grandfather passed. He was respectful of our family during this tough time. Whichever family he gets to work with next will be a fortunate family.

Posted by Tiffany5


My husband was the one who found Senior Helpers. We've been very happy with them. The helpers are very pleasant. Vicky, my caregiver, is doing everything for me. She helps me shower and prepares my meals. I had Senior Helpers since I fell down and broke my shoulder, my arm and my leg around 8 weeks ago.

Posted by Jackie4


Senior Helpers did good. I had two caregivers. The first one is great. Everybody is great, and I never had a problem at all. They all had conversations with me and I enjoyed having them around. They even bring me flowers. My son is the one dealing with the owner. He seemed very nice and cooperative. They're just great!

Posted by Helen2


My son in-law hired Senior Helpers for me. Valerie, our caregiver, does a good job. She's very helpful, organized and very pleasant. So far, I'm very happy with her. One of the things I can't do is drive and she's been very good about that. She's a good driver and that's been very helpful for my doctor's appointments. She takes me if I have to go somewhere. She also goes to the grocery store and does shopping for me. She also cooks when I need her too. She helps in changing my bed and that kind of thing. Kevin and his staff are very friendly and pleasant. I haven't had any problems with them.

Posted by Caring6698


We met the caregiver who was looking after a dear friend of ours who was in hospice care before. We got to know her as we were visiting my friend. It just happened that she was with Senior Helpers. So we hired them and we're very satisfied in getting their service. The caregiver is such a big help. She give me a chance to get out of the house. She helps prepare meals for both of us and does light housekeeping for us. I'm pretty senior myself and older than my wife. She could handle things and it's a big help to me. She also helps with some of the therapy homework lessons that my wife was getting. She's very helpful, friendly and conscientious.

Posted by Bob11


The caregiver we have from Senior Helpers is very good. She does everything for me. I am very comfortable with her and I like her very much. She is very kind and very thoughtful. What we also like about her is her enthusiasm. She's very observant too. She knows what I need before I have to say I need something. She always sees to it that something has to be done around the house. She's always a step ahead of me. She's very considerate about what I need. She's very personable and likable. She tries to find solutions to different things. For example when I'm changing clothes, she always suggest a good combination of clothes for me to wear. When she's around the house and if she feels that I'm not comfortable, she tries to make me comfortable.

Posted by Hazel2


Our children decided I needed more help because I was taking care of my husband on my own. I'll be 82 in a few days and it was getting too much for me. I was really getting tired. So my daughter called a couple of agencies. I chose a different company first. It didn't work out eventually. That girl just did nothing but sit on the sofa to read and watch TV. With that, my daughter decided to call Kevin and they sent a wonderful caregiver. She's really great and she takes right over. She comes in and ask me how the night went with my husband. She helps him bathe, gets him dressed and brings him downstairs. While we're eating breakfast, she goes out there and vacuums, fixed the bed, does the laundry. She does physical therapy with him and mental therapy. They do the crossword puzzle from the newspaper everyday. She does arm exercises too. My husband has a bicycle to exercise his legs which she would help him with. She just takes over and she's been such a help. I don't know what to do without her.

Posted by Beatrice2


Last year I had to make a trip out of the country and the person who I had arranged to help my husband didn’t come through at the last minute. I got a reference for Senior Helpers and I called Kevin on a Friday. He came over the very next day with a caregiver and we liked her right away. When she comes in and helps my husband, it allows me some respite time to run my errands or go to a doctor’s appointment. Having Queen as our caregiver has been a match made in heaven. We wouldn’t change her for anything in the world.

Martha, Danville, CA


I was introduced to Senior Helpers through my daughter when I had my shoulder replaced and I needed help. Kevin is wonderful at pairing people with the need and the solution. My caregiver Karen has a precious knack of seeing things that need to be done, even if I don’t see it. I like to entertain and Karen has helped me keep that quality in my life. Just knowing that she’s available when I have a need gives me a great peace of mind.

Lee, Moraga, CA


In the many years we’ve worked with Senior Helpers, I’ve found consistently that they’ve been interested in who my parents were and specifically what their needs are. They’ve been flexible and they have been willing to listen to us and adapt to the changing needs are for my family. The caregiver we had became very close to my father. She comes in the morning and makes him breakfast and helps him get dressed. Before she leaves, she will make his lunch for him. When she comes back in the afternoon, she will take him for a walk to make sure he gets his exercise every day. She will also prepare his dinner and clean up. And she will make sure he checks his blood sugar because he has diabetes. Senior Helpers will always cover my father, even if it means Kevin, himself or one of his staff, has to come to the house. The dependability and continuity of care that we get from Senior Helpers has made life for our family members easier because we know Senor Helpers will be there and take care of my elderly parent appropriately and by people who care about him and will do a good job to help him live with great dignity. We get the sense that Senior Helpers, Kevin and the people who work in the office, really do care about my father.

Seth, Walnut Creek, CA


"Our present Senior Helper Rita is terrific with my parents. She's a fantastic cook, has great stories and is always willing to help including coming on holidays.

The Senior Helper office is very responsive and does it's very best to send a good match when there is a scheduling issue. My parents' request including asking for help during a difficult time of day to meet their needs so kudos to Senior Helpers.

Nancy R. Orinda, CA


Our senior Helper is a perfect match for my wife. They get along like long lost friends. Cooking, cleaning, reading, watching TV and reminding my wife to take her meds ends in a great union of like minds

Irwin T.  Moraga, CA


I have been using Senior Helpers for several months in securing companion caregiving for my mom. They have been responsive to our needs and have helped out in a pinch. We have started working with one particular caregiver provided by Senior Helpers and she has been great with my mom. Professional and caring. Bi-weekly statements are emailed to my account. Senior Helpers has been a great resource for our family.

Antonia E.  Moraga, CA


Thank you for being you and for caring so deeply for Dad. You truly made a difference in his life - adding meaning and fullness. You have our deepest gratitude.

Nancy S. Walnut Creek, CA


Your caregiver Kim was a real asset and I couldn't have done it without her. I'm always bragging about Senior Helpers. Thanks again.

Bea C.  Moraga, CA


Both Mele and Marylen did an excellent job. It was a very difficult time for our family but they made it easier. I am so thankful that you were able to send us such great caregivers. Many thanks.

Dennis N. Moraga, CA


Thank you. It was through your grace and understanding that we were able to keep my father at home for his last days. You were easy to deal with all the time; the staff was terrific. The last months of my father's life could have been really awful - but you allowed him to pass calmly surrounded by his belongings in his own home; someplace he felt safe.

Seth S. Walnut Creek