Memory Games for Seniors and In Home Care for the Elderly

There are moments when remembering simple facts can be tricky.  This is normal for most people from time to time.  As we age, this can become something that happens more often than not.  It is important to treat our brains like our muscles.  Without daily exercise, like muscles, the brain can lose its strength and memory loss is possible.  There are many ways to exercise the mind to keep it in tip-top shape. 

If your senior loved one is a fan of word games and puzzles usually found in the newspaper, perhaps a daily delivery would be a wonderful morning reminder to exercise the mind.  If grandchildren receive magazines that challenge the reader to look for what’s missing or find the differences in the pictures, those would be great mind-exercise tools for your senior loved one.   If your loved one uses a smartphone, try introducing them to some apps geared toward memory that would provide an alternative to magazines and newspapers.  No matter how the games are played, it is very helpful to play every day to keep the mind sharp.

Another way to exercise the mind involves tasting and smelling as well.  If your senior loved one enjoys cooking, they can sign up for a community cooking class.  Learning how to create a new dish involves many senses like touch, taste, and smell, which are great ways to exercise the brain.  Not only is a cooking class helpful for the mind, it can also foster friendships with others who also enjoy the class.  This is great for helping your senior loved one stay socially active.  Social stimulation and activity is very beneficial for the mind as well as the heart.

Reading is a wonderful way to keep the mind sharp as well as provide an escape from the day.  Find a series that your senior loved one likes and encourage them to read up.  If they are interested in a movie that is opening in theaters soon, maybe suggest that you read the book together first and compare it to the movie.   Not only will the mini book club bring you and your senior loved one together, it also stimulates the mind with each page turned.  It can be fun to also go to the movie or rent it when it’s released and watch it together.   The time spent together is extremely valuable and is sure to be cherished by your senior loved one.

When it comes to memory games for seniors, it doesn’t have to be overly involved.  Simply switching hands when doing routine chores can be stimulating to the mind.  Read the grocery list, hide it, and see how many items can be recalled without looking.  Doodle and jot down memories and thoughts in a journal.  Attempt math without a calculator or pencil.  Try to find a way to challenge the mind, even in small ways, each and every day. 

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