Fall Preparation and In Home Help

The days are getting shorter and the sun is setting earlier each day.  With less sunlight, we are limited on hours to work outside and get ready for the fall and winter months.  The temperature will also begin falling each day, so it is time to think about fall preparation for our homes. 

Cooler afternoons may mean the windows are open and the nice breeze is filling the home.  This is great for during the day and the first few weeks of fall, but as winter approaches, it is important to make sure that the windows are sealed tight when closed.  Take the nice days to look at the weather stripping and reapply new strips to doors and windows.  When necessary, use caulk in cracks to further prevent the bitter winter air from entering the home.   Hang some heavier curtains that will help insulate draftier windows.  Not only is keeping cool air outside and warm air inside good for comfort, it’s also great for energy savings and lower utility bills. 

When outdoors, take a look at gutters and clear them of debris and leaves that may have collected through the spring and summer months.  If rain and melting snow is able to flow freely through the gutters, water damage to the home is preventable.   While looking at the top of the home, also check the roof, any skylight windows, and chimneys for leaks and possible damage.

If it has been a while since the furnace was turned on, a local heating and cooling company could be called in to check for any potential issues in the system and ductwork.  It’s better to call on the company for preventative maintenance than to need them in an emergency situation when the winter months are frigid and many other people have situations that also need to be fixed. 

Fall preparation includes buttoning up the summer accessories and storing them for the winter months ahead.  Power wash cushions and chairs, stack and store them out of potentially bitter winter cold to prevent cracking and fading.  It is best to put these items away clean so that when spring comes back around, it is a refreshing treat to be able to pull out and simply enjoy the warm and pleasant air.

Winter months are approaching and the comfortable fall weather days are sure to be enjoyed as much as possible.  Open the windows in the home for fresh air and be sure the change the air filters in the home.  Winter months mean living inside the same air for a few months; take the time make sure it is clean. 

These simple tips for fall preparation are sure make the home’s transition into the coolers months much easier.  While we are busy preparing our homes, be sure to also prepare the heart with warm smells of pumpkin and sweet treats inside.  This is the time to visit local orchards and pumpkin patches and to enjoy conversation around a campfire.  Take the time to spend it with those you love and your heart stay warm with memories through the colder winter months. 

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