How Laughter Improves Mental Health and In Home Help

It is incredibly difficult to keep a straight face when being tickled.  Trying not to laugh during a funny movie or comedy skit is probably just as impossible.  We don’t need to be taught that laughing is fun and makes us feel better.  It’s so important to develop a sense of humor and to not take ourselves too seriously.  Learning to laugh at ourselves helps us to learn not to dwell on things in our lives that were accidental or are embarrassing.  A good sense of humor and the ability laugh at ourselves helps us to get over tricky situations easier and quicker.  Laughter is so good for the mind and body that there’s an often-repeated saying that goes, “laughter is the best medicine”. 

It comes as no surprise that laughing makes you feel good.  Laughter has lasting effects that linger long after the humor has passed.  A good sense of humor can help you keep a positive outlook on life, boost self-esteem, and optimism; this can carry you through difficult situations and can improve and boost overall mood.

Laughter improves mental health by reducing tension and helping the mind to focus and accomplish more.  Laughing increases pleasurable feelings and increases blood flow.  When we laugh, our blood vessels are improved and are able to carry blood easily to the brain.  Laughter improves mental health by improving problem solving ability and increasing creativity.  Laughter can help to improve memory and focus. 

Laughter improves mental health by adding joy to life and easing anxieties.  Laughter is so beneficial to our lives, that it also relieves stress and improves mood.  This is so helpful to shape the way we view things.  Laughter brings on positive emotions and fights off the negative feelings that can easily cloud our thoughts.  Choosing to laugh doesn’t change the things that happen to us, but is helps us to look on the bright side of things whenever possible.   There really are so many ways in which laughter is beneficial, that it’s should be a requirement to our everyday living to have a laugh a day.  When you hear laughter nearby, gravitate toward it.  Laughter is so much better when shared!

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