Family Fitness and In Home Care for Elderly

What a relief it is to know that winter might finally be wrapping up and spring will slowly start arriving.  Whether New Year’s Resolutions have been successful or a disappointment, now is the time to think about fitness and improving health.   Family fitness will not only keep the family on the same page, but will also help to keep everyone motivated to keep going. 

Some fun family fitness routines include visiting the local gym or YMCA to participate in the many classes, visit the basketball court, or play in the pool.  If this is not an option, perhaps the local community center will have family fitness activities that will interest your family. 

Winter is the perfect time to pull out some ice skates and take a spin at the rink.  If it’s snowing outside, gather the family to build a snowman.  Not only is it fun for kids, it is a great workout.  Some may think that just getting dressed in the warm winter gear is a workout in itself!

Sometimes the winter chill can get brutal and that makes it difficult to participate in outdoor activities.  This is when turning on a fun song and hosting a family dance party is a great alternative to outdoor play.  Dancing can be a great workout!  Take turns choosing songs and use this time to also clean the house.  Play a game of Simon-Says and incorporate it into the dance party.  Family fitness doesn’t have to be boring or strenuous.  Simply moving your body is enough to get the heartrate up.

Family fitness does not have to be a complete, scheduled routine.  Visit a park and take a short hike.  A simple activity such as a stroll around the neighborhood will not only encourage conversation within the family, but also will promote physical health.  If winter weather makes it difficult to take a walk outdoors, take a stroll around the mall. 

If you look around, you will find many ways to keep physical activity a normal part of family life.  Grab the basketball and shoot some hoops.  Play a game of catch or hide-and-seek.    Pull out the Twister board game.  Any form of physical activity will promote family fitness and encourage some bonding time as well.  Sometimes the most important part of any activity is simply doing something together.

If you would like to learn more about caring and consistent senior care at home and the many benefits of professional elderly care or dementia and Alzheimer’s care, call Senior Helpers of Clearwater to speak to a senior care specialist today 727-210-1414!   The compassionate senior care specialists at Senior Helpers can also guide you through the process of receiving the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefit if your elderly loved one is a veteran.   In home senior care allows your loved one to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible while receiving the level of care they need. Senior Helpers of Clearwater provides a wide range of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, personal assistance, companionship, and so much more to all areas of Largo, Seminole, and St. Petersburg.


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