Memory Exercises and In Home Help

Life can be quite distracting at times.  There are days when remembering items on the grocery list is difficult and recalling an acquaintance name is near impossible.  Then, there are times when everything is easy to remember.  It is important to keep our brain in top shape, just as we would do for any other part of our body.  The more we take the time to mentally challenge ourselves, the better off we’ll be when it comes to age-related memory loss.

There are many memory exercises that are helpful for delaying the progression of memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other memory related diseases.  Memory games can be played on paper, through a board game, or even on a tablet or smartphone.  Many apps have memory boosting games available and most are free.

Puzzles, crosswords, and picture matching games are very beneficial to keep the brain active.  Performing math equations without a calculator, pen and paper, is a great memory exercise.  Whenever a new location is visited, drawing a map of directions to the new place can help with remembering in the future.

When planning a trip to the grocery store, make it an opportunity to test your memory.  Write out the shopping list, flip it over, and try to write the list again without looking.  This can be practiced with a cooking recipe as well.  After reading the ingredient list, try to write down the items needed on a separate piece of paper.  Doing this often is a great way to boost memory. 

Memory loss and be prevented by stimulating the mind with a new skill.  Take up a cooking class or foreign language class.  Learn a new sport like yoga, or refine some skills like drawing, painting and knitting.  Learning something new, as well as practicing physical and brain stimulating activities are beneficial to memory.

Music is good for the mind and should be played when learning something new.  Classical music is especially great for stimulating the ears as well parts of the brain and can help to enhance memory.  Using music not only makes an experience more enjoyable, it’s also boosts memory and makes learning more interactive

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