Time for Fall Cleaning with Senior Helpers of Clearwater.  Call 727-210-1414 to learn more about the assistance opportunities available for your senior loved one in your area.

Spring Cleaning.  Some people love it, others dread it, but everyone knows that when we come out of winter hibernation, it’s time to shake off the dust.  But this year, we think Fall Cleaning deserves a little attention!  After all, the summer to autumn transition can be just as drastic as winter to spring.  We think October is a great month to sweep away the last of the vacation sand, clean out those leftovers and prepare to hunker down as temperatures drop.  So what should you put on your Fall Cleaning to-do list?  Here are a few suggestions for tasks that can be performed as needed by dependable caregivers from Senior Helpers of Clearwater:

  1. Inventory and clean out the pantry and refrigerator.  Look for past expiration dates on food products and toss them out to prevent illness.  Also look at recently purchased canned goods to be sure the oldest products are ready to eat first.  Senior Helpers of Clearwater can help your elderly loved one by shopping for new items to replace expired products, stock up on healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that are freshest in the fall.
  2. Weed garden areas; replace plants that have been damaged from the summer sun.  Clean and repair any outdoor furniture to prepare for cold weather storage.  Get a head start on outdoor chores like raking leaves, cleaning gutters and fixing small issues that can cause problems during the cold winter months by wind, rain or snow.
  3. Check and replace light bulbs as needed, including outside lights.
  4. Wash or dry clean cold weather clothes to prevent stirring up allergens when bringing them out of storage for the upcoming winter months.
  5. Clean or replace air filters in heating and air conditioning units. 
  6. Washing windows and assistance with cleaning and organizing the home.

Though it may still feel warm outside, fall weather is quickly approaching and winter is not far behind.  The change of seasons means some chores to get ready for cooler weather and busier schedules need to be handled.  Even though you may have your own responsibilities for your family home to care for, you may have elderly parents and other loved ones who find tackling fall cleaning chores to be difficult.  Senior Helpers of Clearwater can help your elderly loved one with any of their fall cleaning chores as needed.  Call 727-210-1414 to speak to a senior care specialist about the many services available to the areas of Largo, Seminole, and St. Petersburg.

As the seasons change, it is understandable that new types of chores crop up in the home.  An elderly loved one may be dealing with frailty and health conditions that make it increasingly difficult to maintain their home and tackle these tasks.  Injury in the home accounts for a large portion of all injuries in the United States and can be prevented with dependable assistance from compassionate caregivers from Senior Helpers of Clearwater.  In addition to these fall cleaning tasks, your elderly loved one can benefit from reliable transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, dining centers, the mall, and other locations in Largo, Seminole, and St. Petersburg. 

When it comes to assisting an elderly loved one with organizing and making their home safe, you may worry that the list of chores is overwhelming when added to your own daily responsibilities.  You can depend on the compassionate care of Senior Helpers of Clearwater to help your loved one get their home switched from summer to winter.  Fall cleaning is a great way to make certain that the house is age proofed for safety and helps identify any additional areas that need to be addressed to keep your elderly loved one safe.  Even if your loved one typically turns down offers of help, they will likely accept the idea of fall cleaning because it is a much needed tasks that is not easily done by those coping with health conditions.

If your aging loved one is having a hard time remembering specific items experiencing a greater number of falls, part of your family’s fall cleaning duties should include setting them up with the compassionate care of Senior Helpers of Clearwater.  In home senior care can give you and your family peace of mind and allow your loved one the independence they cherish and deserve.

For more information about how fall cleaning can benefit your elderly loved one, call 727-210-1414 to speak to a senior care specialist from Senior Helpers of Clearwater today!

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