This blog is dedicated to helping seniors and their caregivers grow in health, body, mind, and spirit.  This post focuses on an activity which can be enjoyable for every senior in your life.  Studies have suggested that an early sign of dementia can be the loss of reading silently to oneself.  It can be very distressing for seniors to lose a skill they formerly enjoyed.  Part of alleviating this distress and creating a fun activity is reading aloud to your senior with dementia.

Because those living with dementia can have memory loss and cognitive difficulties, it is useful to read materials which can be heard and understood in a short amount of time.  Reading aloud newspaper articles will help the senior who is used to being familiar with current events and enjoys news radio programs.  These also provide good discussion points for you and your loved one. 

Reading aloud poetry can provide depth and meaning at a point in life when seniors have the time to reflect upon their lives.  It can also bring up previously forgotten memories to share with caregivers.  Jokes can bring a sparkle back into their eyes.  Prayers and hymns can also be read to your senior who has an active spiritual life.

Be sure to stop by the local library to pick up some great reads!  You can also visit their website and find out what events are happening in local branches.

Public libraries in our area include:

Augusta County Public Library for Fishersville, Middlebrook, Deerfield, Churchville and Craigsville (

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