I was at work on a Wednesday morning and noticed Senior Helpers calling me on my cell phone. It turned out to be a VERY good call-the Senior Helpers office staff was calling to tell me their caregiver was at my mom's house. She was concerned that my mother was about to become the victim of a phone scam. Mom was being told that her grandson was in jail in Florida and she needed to call his attorney to send money to bail him out. After several calls between Senior Helpers, the caregiver, my mom and my son, we were able to convince mom that he was ok and that she was being scammed. The caregiver's quick action and the office staff's teamwork prevented the loss of thousands of dollars!

Eric A., Charlotte


I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the caregiver and for the Senior Helpers organization. They have helped my mother live independently for far longer than she would have been able to without their services.

Ingrid R., Charlotte