Living alone is liberating and gives you that great sense of independence that most people need. However, there might come a time in life where living alone is actually not in the best interest. As we age, certain occurrences may dictate that we can't be entrusted to stay alone because it's not safe. Our Austin home care group is accustomed to seeing this sort of change, and therefore we have certain signs that you should be aware of.

Health is always a major concern, and while your elder may be considered healthy, there's always the possibility of hard falls. Stairs, winding hallways, and slippery tile are potentially dangerous obstacles that may not have been only a few years prior. It's not they can't live on their own, but there might be the need for assistance on a regular basis, which can become a burden if the distance is great.

If you've noticed a change in personality or action, there might be underlying problems that exist. Depression and seclusion are indicators that they may need some companionship. Living alone and reading obituaries, which might feature recognizable names, can be a huge burden. Do not let depression take over their lives, and instead try to either move them into a realm of happiness, or have them come live with you. It is times like this that living alone is at its worst.

Perhaps the most important reason why your elder may need your help lies in physical and mental health. Disease, illness , general weakness, and any physical impairment means that they should likely not be living on their own. Without someone there to help make sure they are okay, the worst might come about. The same goes for mental conditions such as Alzheimer's or dementia. It is not safe to live alone when you're not in the right mental condition. We urge you to seek ways to help give the proper home care to anyone that may be in this condition.

If you or your loved ones are in need of help in the Westford, Massachusetts area, we have a home health care group up there awaiting your call.

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