Our bodies are going to get older, that is just a fact of life.  Not only do our muscles ache more, joints hurt more and things like that, our brains start to slow down.  Even without symptoms of dementia, your brain starts to lose its speed around the age of 50 and from that point forward you will start to experience memory loss.  Forgetfulness is one thing, but if you can keep your brain sharp and always on the go, these symptoms will not come as fast.  Exercising your brain is one way to keep it sharp and functioning at a good capacity compared to when you were younger.  Your brain is being used each day, all day and night long, but there are ways that you can exercise it to keep it sharper.  The good news is that you can do these types of exercises to preserve, repair and restore some of brains functions.

Memories might be the most common thing that people claim they lose, but simple exercises can be done to help retain the part of your brain that deals with memories.  Games like association, are very simple and might seem elementary, but that is the point.  The games that you use your brain for do not have to be complex at all.  One way that you can start to remember things more clearly is to create a link between two common items.  Those items might be ideas, words, pictures or just concepts.  As part of the exercise you could try to remember a list of things by associating them with other, common items.  Take all of the 50 states or cities within your state and try to remember them all by pairing them up with another word that is easier to remember.

Another way to keep your brain fresh is to complete puzzles that are already made.   Crossword or find the word puzzles might help you to retain your ability to solve a problem.  Memory can also be associated with this type of puzzle because you might remember one clue in a crossword puzzle that was used in puzzles from the past.  Puzzles can also sharpen your mental processes by allowing your brain to focus on one specific thing that might be stored deep inside your brain.  Puzzles are a great way to exercise your memory and keep tabs on your cognitive functions at the same time.  Playing cards can help with memory as well.  There are also analytical factors that can be sharpened with a card game.  Games like poker or other games that use cards like Monopoly, help with your social interaction as well.

Do your best to try and teach your brain while reading something different from what you normally read.  If you always read a certain type of magazine or newspaper, try choosing something from the other side of the spectrum.  A mental rut is the worst thing for your brain, so occasionally snap out of it, by picking up a different newspaper or magazine the next time you are out.  If you are trying to boost your memory skills, try this.  Read, or recite something out loud.  If you simply repeat it out loud over and over, you’re telling your brain to make note.  It can be unusual or a different type of memory exercise, but remembering that simple thing will become easier in the long run.  Sometimes we need to hear something in order to remember it, so talking out loud might help you to remember a combination to a lock or even a friend’s birthday.

Storytelling could be another exercise to help keep the brain sharp.  Go ahead and pick a bunch of random objects.  Once you have a good list, use those objects to tell your story.  This allows your brain to come up with something on the spot and connecting the items with parts of your life allows you to tell a complete story.  Adding simple numbers up in your head can also be a good exercise for seniors.  The next time you shop for groceries, try and add up the total bill in your head.  As you take each item and put it into the cart, try and add them up along the way.  If you are good at addition, try yourself at adding the tax to items as well.  Do not write anything down and see how close you are at the checkout.

You could try and learn something new.  Completely new to you.  It might be a new sport, a new language or even how to cook something that you never tried before.  Either way, you are creating a piece of vital mental activity when you do so.  The main part of learning something new is that you have to learn every single aspect of that thing as you gain skill doing it.  You would not be able to learn any new skills if it were not for your brains ability to remember things.  Try a blind jigsaw puzzle.  Take a look at a picture, but only one time.  After a few minutes of studying it, put it away and try to recall the items in the photo.  Reconstruct the pieces of the puzzle without going back to the original photo.  Doing this will allow you to put your memory to the test, while at the same time sharpening your overall mental processes.

If you have the ability to, go online.  There are a ton of websites that you can use to play games.  Some of the time you can play with friends and that will help your social functions at the same time.  Websites have many options, suggestions based on how you want to learn and even short tutorials to get you started.  Bringing your memory back is entirely possible.  With a little bit of effort and some training, the functions like memory inside your brain will slowly start to sharpen up.

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