Senior Helpers of Central Texas is offering the revolutionary Senior GEMS Workshop Series to the wider community in order to increase awareness and provide more effective techniques & strategies when caring for those suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. The goal of the Senior Helper’s Workshop series is to better educate our community and to turn Can’t into Can by empowering the caregivers through education that will change how we care for those with dementia.  Each workshop is interactive, encourages questions and implements activities to provide a fun learning environment. 

The Senior GEMS Workshop Series consists of a variety of workshop topics related to dementia and the Senior Gems® program. Each workshop is presented in a way to provide knowledge and working skill sets particular for that care setting. Each session is designed to build on current knowledge of the disease and educate on real strategies to provide effective care. 

The Senior GEMS, based on the Allen Cognitive Disability Theory,   were created & designed by Nationally Recognized Dementia Care Expert Teepa Snow MS, OTR/L, FAOTA. Moire Hayes, CEO of Senior Helpers, will be leading each of the GEMs Workshops. The Senior Gems Program is a step-by-step guide that teaches caregivers and families how to care for those affected through each stage of dementia and improves the lives of everyone facing these devastating diseases.

The Senior Gems Program® teaches family members what is happening to their loved one, why they are acting the way they are, how to communicate better with them, the activities that can help maximize their capabilities, reduce fear, aggression and confusion and ways to improve the interactions with everyone involved. 

The workshops will be hosted at various facilities throughout the region and are open to the public, although there may be a seating limit at some venues. Interested persons can find out the details of locations and how to register on our Facebook page or by registering for our Newsletter to receive all the details by email .

There are six topics for the Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Workshop Series, including:

Workshop 1 - Recognizing & Understanding the Progression of Dementia
Learn the progression of dementia using the Senior Gems® and learn how to provide specialized care for each stage.

Workshop 2 - Positive & Effective Strategies For Dementia Care
Learn skills based on the Senior Gems® to deliver positive and meaningful care for people with dementia.

Workshop 3 - Techniques for Successful Dementia Care Interactions
Discover how to become a more effective communicator with people with dementia by using the Senior Gems®.

Workshop 4 - Meaningful Activities for Positive Dementia Care
Using the Senior Gems®, learn how to modify activities based on progression to provide positive experiences.

Workshop 5 - Understanding Alzheimer 's Disease and Dementia
Learn the fundamentals about the different types of dementia and how it affects the brain.

Workshop 6 - Identifying Behavioral Challenges in Dementia
Understand the different behavioral challenges and their predictors.

Each individual workshop will be presented at multiple hosting venues so if you miss one or more workshops at one venue you will have the opportunity to hear it at another! As of the writing of this post, there are two venues scheduled for the month of May - so sign up soon! If your community or facility is interested in hosting the Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Workshop Series please contact us at or call us at 512-388-4357.

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