When considering hiring a caregiver to help with services in your home, make sure you know the facts.  Being well-informed can save you money and protect you from potential legal problems. Below are six components of senior care to consider when evaluating available care plans for your loved one.

Concern #1: Service
Registry or By Yourself: You are responsible for knowing what services are needed for your loved one.

Senior Helpers: We are responsible for making sure you get the right services from the right caregiver. We match caregivers to clients based on their personalities.

Concern #2: Taxes & Injuries
Registry or By Yourself: You are responsible for reporting and paying taxes, social security, and worker’s compensation (in case of a work related injury in the home) for the caregiver. Failure to do so can result in penalties with extensive fines.
Senior Helpers: The caregivers are our employees—they are not 1099. You pay Senior Helpers directly, and we manage all taxes and expenses related to employment that are required by the state and federal governments.

Concern #3: Supervision

Registry or By Yourself: You are in charge and responsible for managing the caregiver’s duties and performance.
Senior Helpers: We manage all of our employees and will perform unscheduled supervisory visits.

Concern #4: Background Check

Registry or By Yourself: You are responsible for performing a background check.  Neglecting to order and review a background check could place your loved one in danger.
Senior Helpers: All of our employees are screened through criminal background checks and license checks, and are required to provide proof of experience.

Concern #5: Hiring & Scheduling

Registry or By Yourself: You are responsible for the interviewing and hiring process. You will also be responsible for scheduling. If a caregiver cannot make her shift or needs time off, you will need to find their replacement.
Senior Helpers: We have extensive experience on hiring compassionate and dependable caregivers. We are also responsible for scheduling and ensuring reliable and consistent care.

Concern #6: Theft

Registry or By Yourself: You will be responsible if your employee steals from you or your loved one.
Senior Helpers: Senior Helpers  is a State licensed agency. All of our services and employees are insured.


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