Is there a special veteran in your life? I know there is in mine. If you have a veteran in your family, you have noticed that they have some of the best stories to share.

These stories are priceless, and I want nothing more than for generations to come to hear them. That is why it is so important to remember these stories and keep them alive to honor the veteran close to your heart.

Write them down – Ask your veteran to write down their stories in a journal. If they have trouble writing, you can do it for them. Make copies of these journals, and pass them around to family members. It may be the best book they have ever read.

Scrapbook – We love scrapbooking here. Gather your veteran’s war photos, medals, and other trinkets, and make a scrapbook to symbolize their time in the service.

Recording – If you or your veteran is not creatively inclined, make a recording of them telling their story. Save the recordings on CDs or audio clips.

We at Senior Helpers of Des Moines have family who has served our country and they are special to us.  We know they are special wherever they reside and we thank them for their service. By honoring them and taking the time to help tell their story; we can help preserve and pass on their stories, memories, and legacy. 

If families are unable to assist with this opportunity, Senior Helpers caregivers are available to help them tell their stories.  In addition to providing this service we can also offer many in-home care services (homemaking/personal care) that allow our veterans and spouses to remain safe and independent in their own home.  Call us at 515-251-7444 to find out more on how we can help you or your veteran loved ones.   

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