New babies, new jobs, new opportunities…and the obvious: New Year. It is an opportunity to reinvent, start over, wipe the slate clean and create something fresh. A good beginning point for whatever it is you hope to achieve, the New Year can represent your chance to go, do, achieve, or grow.

That’s probably why there is such positive psychology behind making New Year’s Resolutions…even if you don’t end up carrying all of them through to perfection. This year, avoid burning out on your resolutions by keeping them in perspective with these resolution fun facts.

• Set goals with a positive tone rather than one that is condemning. “Getting healthy” can be much more motivating than “stop being fat” because it is positive rather than judgmental or guilt-inducing.

• Anticipate that you will have set backs, and make a plan to overcome or push through. If you expect to be on easy street, the first bump in the road will often end your resolve. Know it won’t always be easy, and figure out how to keep yourself going (incentives, little rewards along the way, a list telling you why you started in the first place).

• Set appropriate ways to judge success, including giving yourself grace. If you judge your personal value based on your performance, you’ll have highs and lows that are overwhelming. You won’t always be perfect, so don’t get caught up in little flaws.

We all have made New Year’s resolutions or at the least, thought about changes we would like to make in the upcoming year.   At Senior Helpers, our New Year commitment remains to be; “providing quality care that improves the lives of our seniors and offers peace of mind for families”.  One thing we know in our field or care is that one’s health can change.  

Certainly, there can be set-backs or bumps in the road; however, by setting or adjusting our goals, having a positive attitude, and working together through the care needs and/or adjustments with family, we can keep our commitment to our clients and families. 

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