Are you planning a family vacation this summer? More than likely, your family consists of two to three generations, and these generations typically have very different ideas of what is fun. When planning your next family vacation, make everyone happy with these fun-for-all activity ideas:

Concerts or Plays. Concerts are fun for all; just make sure the music can be appreciated by all generations. Try compromising with everyone. You can also make time to see a local show!

Cooking Lessons. If you are going abroad, try signing up the family for a cooking lesson. Older generations will enjoy learning about the history of local foods (and eating the foods) while the younger generations will enjoy being able to help cook (and eating the food!).

Interactive Museums. Look for a few local museums in your area of travel. Interactive museums are best for larger families. Older generations can enjoy the history, while younger generations will enjoy interacting with the exhibits.

There are many ideas you can consider when planning your trip so keep your options open.  Here is Des Moines we have concerts and plays year round as well as several museums and historical centers of interest so there are things you can do whenever you plan your vacation.  There are many other cities in Iowa that have interesting places to visit so you can learn more about your state.  Check out your city or state to see what you might have interest in and you even a short trip can be interesting and fun for the whole family.  

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