You see how hard they work each day – how loving, patient, and giving they are as they provide care to their aging loved one on both good days and bad days. So often, all they need from friends and family is for you to show them you’ve noticed and provide a little support and encouragement throughout the year.

Don’t feel pressured to make grand sweeping gestures or huge displays of self-sacrifice; rather, just remembering to be thoughtful and consistent will mean the world. This year, as friends and family of a caregiver, why not make a few New Year’s Resolutions to support the caregiver in your life. Here are a few ideas:


• Find a repeated or regular way to help, such as monthly dinner preparation or biweekly dog walking.

• Be an exercise buddy. Keep them accountable for looking after their physical wellness by going on 

    stress relieving walks. This will build your relationship and refresh you both.

• Help with home safety. Be a helpful handyman around the house, if you have those skills. It will save

    your friend or loved one both time and money.

• Establish a weekly ritual to look forward to. Even if it hasn’t been your role in the past, commit to

    planning a fun family outing each week.


Senior Helpers of Des Moines understands that many families are the primary caregiver for their loved one.  Other family members or friends of caregivers can be a big help.  We always say it is extremely important that the caregiver take care of themselves so they can continue to be an effective caregiver. 

Offering to do these few things can be of assistance to these caregivers and help keep them healthy and motivated to be the best they can be. 

For more information on these helpful pointers or caregiver assistance call us at 515-251-7444. 

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