Chances are you received some sweets from a sweetheart or another loved one this past Valentine’s Day. While savoring a sugary treat from time to time isn’t terrible, it’s important to keep your heart’s health in mind while snacking. Certain foods (such as walnuts, chickpeas, and fruits) have been medically proven to decrease your chance of heart disease. But don’t worry! Your taste buds can still enjoy a delicious (and nutritious) snack! There are plenty of ways to incorporate healthy foods into your favorite treats. Take a look at some scrumptious ideas:

Substitute your snacking.  It isn’t easy to turn down chocolate or a bag of salty chips. Denying your cravings could make you crash, so substitute the bad sweets for some good sweets! Munch on some walnuts when you want something crunchy. Grab a handful of fresh fruit next time your sweet tooth is calling. These simple substitutions can go a long way.

Try something new.  Eating the same health foods over and over gets boring pretty quickly. Be creative in the kitchen instead! Next time you are making breakfast, throw some fresh blueberries in your oatmeal! Making tuna salad? Add some walnuts for flavor and texture.

Host a healthy party.  Being healthy is easier when you aren’t alone! Host a healthy snack party with new heart-healthy foods. Encourage your friends and loved ones to improve their heart health. Not only will your heart be healthier, but also your mind will be at ease knowing you’ve helped others improve their health.

If there is a need for meal preparation assistance, our caregiver’s here at Senior Helpers of Des Moines can prepare a healthy meal for you or a loved one.   We also will work together to have the right snacks available during the day to maintain a healthy diet.  Having the companionship and conversation with families will allow meal and snack time to be more enjoyable when some home care assistance is needed. 

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