I don’t want to sound sappy or idealistic, but…if you can’t get sentimental during the holidays, when can you, right?  I’ll be the first to admit I get stressed out during the holidays.  Finding the perfect gift for everyone you love, keeping it within budget, hiding the treats you’ve purchased, wrapping them well (yikes!), and then hoping that you made the right choice.  It’s a lot for anyone to handle! But on Christmas morning (or whatever holiday you celebrate), seeing the smile spread across your loved ones’ faces as they unwrap your gift makes it all worth it.  And then comes the big smile, the hug, and the warm and wonderful “Thank you!”  The holiday isn’t really about the actual gift; it’s about time with loved ones.  

Giving a gift is just a traditional way of expressing love, so this year, de-stress your holiday buying by remembering that companionship, the spirit of giving, and showing others you love them is really what the holidays are all about.  Here are a few tips that may help you during the hectic holidays.

Senior Helpers here in Des Moines has some suggestions to de-stress your holiday buying:


  • Instead of buying gifts, donate to a worthy cause or buy gifts for a family in need.
  • Give the gift of a donation in honor of each member of your family.
  • Make a pact to buy gifts under a certain dollar amount, or only in one theme.
  • Have a raffle or drawing to determine which one member of the family each person buys a gift for.
  • Buy your whole family an “experience” like going to a lights show, holiday event, or movie together.
  • Spread holiday cheer by getting the neighbors or some friends together for a party instead of buying gifts.
  • Take part in important or special religious activities in your community.


It’s that special feeling you get from giving from the heart.  The gift can be sharing time together or donating to a worthy cause.  Senior Helpers here is Des Moines charity choice is the Alzheimer’s Association of Iowa.  We hope you consider donating to your favorite charity or if you don’t have one, the Alzheimer’s Association is a great cause and would appreciate your help.  

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