How a Caretaker Can Help Seniors Manage Medication Schedules and Organization
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Serving Torrance and surrounding areas.
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How a Caretaker Can Help Seniors Manage Medication Schedules and Organization

As people get older, managing medications and keeping up with prescriptions becomes increasingly difficult. If you find yourself forgetting to take your medications on time, it may be time to hire a caretaker. If you live alone and have limited family or friends who can assist you, this is a terrific option. Having reliable support and guidance from a professional caregiving service can help to put your mind at ease. This also ensures you're staying on top of the medication you need to stay healthy.  

Count on Your Caretaker to Develop a Medication List

The first step in having a reliable medication management system is making sure you have an accurate list of your medications. You need to know the name of each medication you must take and its dosage amount. Additionally, the intended purpose for why you must take it, instructions for doing so, and any possible side effects it may cause. Organizing this information will make it easier for both you and your caretaker to track your medication history.

Have a Medication Schedule Established

Your caretaker can also help create a reliable medication schedule for you. This schedule should coincide with the list you previously created. Note the time of day each medication should be taken, how often it's required, and any special instructions for taking each type. For example, one pill might require a meal along with it to stomach it easier, while another will suffice with water only. You also might need one pill daily, while another is once per week. Having a schedule will help to ensure that you do not miss your medications or accidentally over or underdose. 

Monitor Interactions and Side Effects

Your caretaker can also monitor you for any interactions or side effects that may be caused by taking certain medications. They will be able to observe any changes in your mood or behavior that may be related to the medications you're taking. They can also immediately alert your doctor if they detect any red flags. This helps catch issues early that you may have missed yourself. 

Assistance With Reminders About Refills

It is often easy to forget to refill your prescriptions on time. Your caretaker can help make sure that your medications are refilled when needed. This is to avoid any disruption in your medication schedule. They can provide reminders about when refills are due and when it is time to pick up the medication.

Let a Qualified Caregiver From Senior Helpers Torrance Help You

Managing medications can be difficult and confusing. Fortunately, our team of caretakers at Senior Helpers Torrance is here to help seniors in Torrance, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Westchester stay safe and organized when it comes to managing their pills. From developing a medication list to setting up a medication schedule to providing reminders about refills, our qualified caretakers are prepared to help you stay healthy and safe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!