3 Mental and Emotional Benefits of Dogs for Seniors
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Serving Santa Rosa and surrounding areas.
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3 Mental and Emotional Benefits of Dogs for Seniors
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3 Mental and Emotional Benefits of Dogs for Seniors

To have a creature that relies on you entirely and completely is something that many people experience at some point in their life. Most people experience this as a result of becoming a parent, but others find this fulfillment in pet ownership. Senior Helpers Santa Rosa Wine Country can help you look at the emotional and psychological benefits of dog ownership for seniors. 

Create a Healthy Routine

Many senior citizens in Santa Rosa Wine Country express regret about one or more aspects of their retirement. For some people in this situation, one of the regrets that they have is that they don't have enough to fill up their days anymore. During their working years, they were expected to be at work during certain hours of the day, and they had an obligation to do so. In retirement, those obligations often fall by the wayside. This might be fun and relaxing at first, but humans are built to have a purpose for their days. Thus, it is often the case that seniors start to feel like they don't have a purpose in their lives anymore. 

Getting a dog can help them establish a healthy routine each day. They will need to be there for their dog for a variety of things such as: 

  • Taking it Outside for Bathroom Needs - The dog will need to be taken outside on a regular basis to use the bathroom, and this creates a task that the senior will need to do. 
  • Feeding - The dog must be fed every day, sometimes multiple times a day depending on the dog, and that is another responsibility.
  • Playing With/Socializing - The dog will need to be played with and entertained. This is one of the most fun aspects of dog ownership. 

Have a Built-In Friend

There is something so nice about knowing that you will have a friend waiting for you at home at the end of a long day. Dogs are the perfect friend in that they get very excited to see you when you return home. Most dogs express this pure joy even when their owner has only been gone for a short period of time. Thus, it is nice to have them around when you start to get concerned about feelings of isolation or other concerns. Those are common feelings, and it is nice to know that a dog can be there for you to serve as a pick-me-up when you experience some of the difficulties and anxiety that come with just being a person living in a challenging world. 

Beat Back Feelings of Isolation

Finally, many seniors decide that they will adopt a dog because they want to defeat feelings of isolation. A full 27% of those age 60 or older live alone in the United States. This is higher than any of the other nations included in the survey, and it is something that can cause a lot of challenges for those of a certain age. Dealing with feelings of isolation is a big part of what must be considered in this case.

A dog can help a senior not feel so isolated. They will have another living being in their home that they are responsible for. Thus, they may be able to defeat some of the feelings of isolation that they had previously experienced. That is hugely important, and it is a good idea to consider this as a mark in favor of getting a dog for a senior citizen. 

Seniors who may benefit from additional assistance can contact Senior Helpers Santa Rosa Wine Country to receive the professional care that they need. From learning more about the benefits of dog ownership to anything else that may be useful for them, seniors benefit greatly from this service.