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Serving Thousand Palms and surrounding areas.
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Serving Thousand Palms and surrounding areas.
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Healthy Heart and Live In Senior Care

There are a few ways to maintain a healthy heart like eating a balanced diet, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and exercising. Regular heart screenings will help to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels and help you to maintain healthy cardiovascular function.  While it is important to stay physically healthy, it is equally vital to have a happy heart.  Some ways to feel better and have a happy heart are to seek out activities that you enjoy and spend time with those you love.  Staying home near the places and people you love most is also great for keeping stress levels low.  This is also important for loved ones who may be coping with dementia related disease or just need more help around the house.

Live in senior care from Senior Helpers of Thousand Palms is designed to assist elderly adults around the clock as needed, twenty-four hours a day.  A professional, reliable caregiver, expertly trained in senior care is available day and night.  All caregivers are thoroughly screened, background checked, interviewed, insured and bonded.  Your loved one’s safety and privacy are top priorities to Senior Helpers of Thousand Palms.  Live in senior care can provide great peace of mind to you and your family because your loved one is never alone in their home for long stretches of time.  Sometimes just knowing that there is a companion living with a loved one will make everyone feel more at ease.  Your loved one will not have time to feel lonely and this will reduce their risk of feeling isolated.  Two or three caregivers will rotate in shifts to be sure that your loved one has a companion twenty-four hours a day. A caregiver will stay the night in their own sleeping space and this will give comfort to your loved one that they are not alone.  While they are not usually required to work through the night, just knowing that an extra set of ears are available to prevent falls and wandering will bring great peace of mind to you and your family. 

The kinds of live in senior care services provided from Senior Helpers of Thousand Palms, depends on your loved one’s unique set of needs.  Live in senior care services includes companionship, medication management, light housekeeping, running errands, nutritious meal preparation, shopping, and transportation to and from local events, functions and appointments in Thousand Palms.  If your loved one is coping with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related disease, they will also benefit from live in senior care.  There is no need to uproot your loved one’s life to move them to an assisted living home to receive the expert dementia care they need.  Live in senior care is more affordable than a nursing home because it is based on a flat rate instead of hourly and is most beneficial to your loved one’s overall outlook on their life.  Your loved one will feel more at peace in their beloved home environment and because they feel less confusion in a new environment, they will have less of a chance of feeling isolated.  Live in senior care is the best option for an elderly loved one who needs around the clock service.  Senior Helpers of Thousand Palms provides the same high-quality level of care as compared to a nursing home without having to change your loved one’s entire routine and lifestyle. 

Stress management is very important for building and maintaining a healthy heart.  We all know that too much stress can cause physical problems, and your heart is not immune to that risk.  Take time, slow it down, stretch it out, take a breath, and take a break.  You are not alone and Senior Helpers of Thousand Palms is here to provide the high level of services you can feel good about offering your elderly loved one, in the comforts and privacy of their own home.  If you would like more information about in-home help for seniors and elderly, call 760-343-5533, to learn about the services provided in your area.  Senior Helpers of Thousand Palms provides a wide range of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, personal assistance, companionship, and so much more to all areas of Thousand Palms.