You may not see your aging loved one at the gym every day, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be conscience about their physical health. No matter our age, it’s important to keep exercise in mind. Working on your fitness not only improves your physical health, but also your mental health. Working out (even on a minimum level) can greatly decrease stress and anxiety levels.

When it comes to our aging loved ones, the right workout is crucial. You don’t want to push them too hard, but it’s important to get them moving. Here are some tips on senior work outs:

  • Make it fun. We said it last month, but we will say it again. Working out does not have to be a downer. Even sitting in a chair can be transformed into a workout routine with the right creativity and motivation. If you are looking to try out a new class look for the Silver Sneakers program which is offered through a variety of health plans at multiple fitness centers throughout the Twin Cities. Silver Sneakers includes fitness center membership and a multiple class options. These classes are designed for older adults and include yoga, water aerobics and cardio. Help your client call their health plan provider to see if they are eligible for Silver Sneakers. Another option is the YMCA, which offers active aging classes for those who are 55+. There are multiple locations in the Twin Cities area including Burnsville, Minneapolis, Hastings, Eagan, St. Paul, Woodbury and many more!
  • Break it up. You don’t have to get all of your physical activities in at once. Take timeouts and break up routines into smaller segments. This will help keep seniors from getting tired of one activity, as well as help mix up their routine.
  • Join in. Your aging loved one isn’t the only one who should be working on their fitness. Join in! Motivation is crucial when it comes to getting more active, so encourage your clients by working out by their side. The warming Minnesota weather presents a great opportunity to get outdoors. Go on a walk with your client for a workout that will benefit you both!

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