Times can be hard, but you shouldn’t let that get you down. While laughing can sometimes make you feel a little bit silly, it is actually a great tool to improve your health. Next time something doesn’t go your way, take a step back and giggle! Help your loved ones laugh rather than cry as well. Here are some ways to turn stressful events into laughable situations. 

  •  Remember the good times. Sometimes bad memories tend to stick out more than the good ones. It is important to remember the good times and forget the bad. Help your loved ones remember funny stories and memories with their friends and family members, and share your funny stories.
  • Look for the silver lining. More often than not plans go astray. While you can always be prepared for the unexpected, you can’t always plan on how you or your client will emotionally handle bad situations. Take control of bad moments and look for the silver lining. Maybe your client spilled their drink and is upset. Bring up a time you dropped something and show them how it’s funny now to look back on it. Laugh together!
  • Take a moment. When something goes wrong (running late, forgot something at home) take a moment before you get upset. Think about if it REALLY matters. You will find that more often than not you will smile before you yell if you just give it time.
  • It’s always okay to laugh at yourself. It is not always easy, but sometimes laughing at yourself is the only thing you can do. We all break things, forget things, and make mistakes. Sometimes these uh-oh’s are reversible, sometimes not. Might as well get a good laugh out of it!
  • Induce Laughter. Client still feeling down? Try watching reruns of their favorite funny show from the past. Looking for something more recent? Take your client on a trip to the local movie theater to catch the newest comedy. Muller family theaters offer senior discounts to those who are 65+. They have locations throughout the area including Lakeville, Waconia, White Bear Lake, and Minneapolis.

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