We have all heard the expression, “laughter is the best medicine,” but have you ever stopped to wonder if it is true? You might be surprised to find out that it is! Laughter is one of the best (and natural) ways to improve health and relieve stress. Humor also works very quickly, making you happier almost instantly. Find out some other interesting ways laughing can improve your health!

  • Stress reliever. Laughing is a quick way to lower your stress levels and lighten your emotions. Less than half a second after being exposed to something funny your body sends signals to your brain and makes you feel happier.
  • Alive, Awake, Alert. Laughter also improves alertness and creativity. When you laugh you are engaging the whole brain, which boosts alertness and gets the creative juices flowing.
  • A laugh a day keeps the doctor away! Laughing has been proven to defend against respiratory infections and reduce the risks of colds.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of laughter you might check out one of the many local comedy clubs. Comedy Sports is located in Minneapolis and offers improvisational comedy that is family friendly. They take suggestions from the audience so it would be a great show to attend with your client! Another option is Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy located in the Mall of America. They host nationally recognized comics and have reasonably priced dinner/show packages.  They also are wheelchair accessible and do their best to accommodate guests who may have vision, mobility or hearing disabilities.

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